The Top 5 Things To Do And See in Rome's Ponte, Parione & Regola

Luca Pinelli

Ponte, Parione & Regola are three of the central districts in Rome. They are located on the southern bank of the Tiber and can offer several cultural stop-overs to those who want to live the most authentic Roman life. Here is a selection of 5 things every tourist should visit in these areas.

Fountain of the Four Rivers

1. Piazza Navona

Historical Landmark, Market

The Christmas market in 2010
© MollySVH/Flickr
Just like most Italian piazzas, Piazza Navona is often regarded as a meeting place by locals and tourists alike. Besides offering a vast array of restaurants and bars where people can sit back and relax, this square also boasts the wonderful Baroque church of Sant’Agnese in Agone, as well as the renowned Fountain of the Four Rivers. Welcoming its visitors through the gate gaping open between two symmetrical bell towers, the church will not disappoint any tourist and will have all wondering at the frescoed ceiling with eyes wide open. The fountain meanwhile, designed by Bernini in 1651, represents four rivers which in turn stand for the four continents: the Nile and Africa; the Danube and Europe; the Ganges and Asia; the Río de Plata and the Americas. Over Christmas, Piazza Navona hosts a picturesque market with several varieties of food and local produce.


“Lungotevere” is the Italian for “Tiber Waterfront”, and refers to any path or route running along the river Tiber. Whatever part of the city tourists are in, Rome always merits a glance from the banks of its river – even more so if they find themselves in Ponte, Parione or Regola, which are ‘rioni’ (i.e. ‘districts’) that border this famed stream of water. In the expanse of the Tiber which touches this area, there are seven different stretches which allow for seven different walks, which tourists can enjoy while soaking up the Roman sun.

A view of the river Tiber

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