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Spritz Aperol | © Núria/Flickr
Spritz Aperol | © Núria/Flickr

The Best Bars For A Drink In Aurora, Turin

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Aurora is one of the most multicultural areas in Turin and it hosts one of the most beautiful and characteristic boroughs in Europe, Borgo Dora, full of bars populated by people of all ages enjoying a glass of wine while playing cards, or a quick lunch. Check out the best places to join in the fun.


One of the most beloved bars in the neighborhood, Spritz is always crowded. Spritz offers to its customers a cozy environment and a homey atmosphere, with the little tables in the characteristic inside or the nice dehor facing the street of Borgo Dora itself.
Address and telephone number: Spritz, via Borgo Dora 14, Turin, Italy, +39 331 618 8550


November in Turin | © Federico Feroldi Foto/Flickr



Set right at the pulsing heart of Borgo Dora, this characteristic bar perfectly reflects the cheerful spirit of the neighborhood. It’s the right place to go to enjoy good food and good wine in a friendly atmosphere, where you can always find someone to chat with and make new friends.
Address and telephone number: Brocante, via Borgo Dora 14, Turin, Italy, +39 333 338 2421


Antico Borgo

This gorgeous bar with a friendly atmosphere welcomes its customers in a cozy environment where they can relax in front of a nice glass of wine. Antico Borgo offers a wide variety of sandwiches and crostoni. It’s the right place to enjoy an abundant happy hour, maybe after visiting the sights of the surrounding neighborhood, under the gazebo in the dehor with a lively local crowd.
Address and telephone number: Antico Borgo, via Borgo Dora 24, Turin, Italy, +39 333 405 4432


Turin | © Maëlick/Flickr


Il Maglio

Set in the eponymous Cortile del Maglio, this cocktail bar has arguably one of the finest locations in the entire neighborhood. Il Maglio offers a wide selection of liquors and cocktails, served with abundant snacks, and if the happy hour runs long enough customers can order some tasty grilled meat for dinner too. The bar also offers frequent live music nights.
Address and telephone number: Il Maglio, via Vittorio Andreis 18/10, Turin, Italy, +39 346 707 3210


I due scalini

This characteristic bar is set among antique shops and art galleries, in a lovely borough that comes alive on weekends when the traditional flea market called Balon takes place. Aside from the usual breakfasts and cocktails, I due scalini offers its customers a selection of fresh dishes that change daily, from pasta salad, to grilled meat or tasty meatballs with sauce.
Address and telephone number: I due scalini, via Borgo Dora 12, Turin, Italy, +39 335 464 348


Turin | © Maëlick/Flickr