The 5 Best Cultural Hotels in Orvieto

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9 February 2017

Orvieto is located amidst the beautiful Umbrian countryside and, thanks to its top-hill location, offers enchanting views of the surrounding area whilst providing its visitors with an interesting insight into local history. Moreover, its position in Italy makes it a great base for visiting Rome as well as the central part of the Boot. Here are some of the finest, most cultural hotels for bedding down in while in town…

Locanda Rosati | © Courtesy of Locanda Rosati

Locanda Rosati

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When tourists plan a holiday in Orvieto, they must not neglect the Umbrian countryside in which the old town is immersed. The best way to reunite oneself with nature is by deciding on a hotel which is located outside the walls of the town so as to enjoy the peace which only the countryside can guarantee. Locanda Rosati is the perfect choice for nature-loving tourists who want to keep close to local traditions. A stone farmhouse, it is a place where each and every guest is welcomed warmly and surrounded by Umbrian charm from the get go!

Hotel La Badia

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Orvieto's Duomo
Orvieto's Duomo | © Andy Hay/Flickr
Located in a hamlet just outside of Orvieto, Hotel La Badia bills itself as “an island of stone in a sea of green”. Housed in a 13th-century abbey, this is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a luxurious stay in Orvieto but cannot do without a good degree of seclusion and closeness to nature. All the guests at Hotel La Badia will plunge into history even whilst they are asleep in their rooms, as the whole building dates back to the Middle Ages and offers wonderful pieces of architecture. It also boasts one of the best restaurants in Orvieto, in case anyone fancies a great candle-lit dinner in the comfort of their own hotel.

Hotel Duomo

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Located a few steps away from the wonderful Duomo of Orvieto, Hotel Duomo offers all its guests a wonderful stay by guaranteeing neat, essential rooms in a fully-refurbished Liberty-style building. The décor and the atmosphere of the hotel were fashioned by renowned local artists, thus ensuring that each guest can enjoy a great stay whilst breathing in an atmosphere that is characteristic of the local culture. Hotel Duomo counts 18 rooms, five of which are junior suites, where guests will be able to relax after a day spent out and about in Orvieto and possibly in the beautiful countryside.

Palazzo Piccolomini

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Housed in a beautiful 16th-century palace, this 4-star hotel guarantees a pleasant and luxurious stay for those who are up for a special treat. During a holiday at Palazzo Piccolomini, tourists will be able to enjoy the view and the presence of architecture from the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, and from Etruscan times, which all adds to the experience of Orvieto itself. Thanks to a recent refurbishment and renovation, the splendour of the past has been maintained and the comfort of the rooms is unparalleled. With three suites, 22 double rooms and seven single rooms with all the possible comforts going, Palazzo Piccolomini will prove to be the base for an unforgettable holiday.

Misia Country Resort

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Located six kilometres away from Orvieto, Misia Country Resort is a boutique hotel with an elegant décor and a first-class service. Its convenient location makes it the perfect base for visits to the nearby towns and the surrounding area. All guests will be able to enjoy the tranquillity of the secluded hotel, as well as a panoramic view of Orvieto and the Umbrian countryside – a feature which is of paramount importance in this beautiful area of Italy.