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The 10 Best Restaurants In Magenta, Milan

The 10 Best Restaurants In Magenta, Milan

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Colorful Magenta is a charming town in the province of Milan, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. It owes its name to the Battle of Magenta that was fought during the Second Italian War of Independence between France and Austria. Magenta most likely refers to the color of the uniforms that the Napoleonic troops were wearing at the time. Today, Magenta is a quiet town with exquisite restaurants serving traditional Italian cuisine.


In an elegant and intimate atmosphere, L’incontro serves traditionally prepared pizza and high-quality seafood variations. The restaurant’s two chefs have cooking experience from all over Italy and skilfully integrate their know-how into the varied menu. Besides its wide range of wines, the L’incontro also offers specialties such as Blanche des Namur and Kwak from Belgium. Recently fully renovated, the restaurant now welcomes guests into a tastefully decorated interior that is sure to complement the dining experience.


Via dello Stadio, 60/62, 20013 Magenta, Italy, +39 02 9729 5476

L’Osteria 1396

L’Osteria is a mix of tradition and innovation, when it comes to both the restaurant’s interior design as well as its menu. The restaurant combines elements of the typical style of Lombardic country houses with a touch of modernity. L’Osteria is a family-owned restaurant, where father and son work on a joint success. The son, who is responsible for the service, is very hospitable and immediately puts guests at ease with personal anecdotes about the restaurant. The father, who runs the restaurant’s kitchen, continuously creates new and innovative dishes for the varied menu.


Vicolo Valle, 4 Pontevecchio, 20013 Magenta, Italy, +39 0297 298 461

Circolo Parrocchiale

Circolo Parrocchiale is a genuine and classic Italian tavern in the heart of Magenta that proudly represents Lombardic culture. The restaurant has been owned by the same family for years that have succeeded in creating a very homely and hospitable environment. Both the restaurant’s traditionally decorated interior and its outside seating are frequented by locals and visitors alike. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the Lombardic culture and get to know locals in an informal atmosphere.


Via Isonzo, 45, 20013 Magenta, Italy, +39 029 793 184

Il Duetto

Il Duetto is the best place in town for classic Italian pizza and the authentic flair of a Lombardic family-owned restaurant. Baked in a traditional, wood-burning stove, every pizza has its unique character and makes for a special addition to the restaurant’s menu. The prime example of Italian cuisine is complemented with fresh salads, like the delicious caprese salad, and tasty homemade desserts.


Via Brenno Cavallari, 52, 20013 Magenta, Italy,+39 029 790 356

Trattoria Alla Fontana

This Michelin-starred restaurant impresses with excellent food, fine wines and attentive first-class service. Appetizers, such as Carpaccio caldi di agnello, and over 20 different types of risotto, most notably the scampi risotto, make for an exquisite dining experience at Trattoria Alla Fontana. The staff are very competent and always happy to offer assistance in the choice of wines, to make sure that your meals are complemented in the best way possible.


Via Petrarca 6 20013 Magenta, Italy, +39 029 792 614

L’Ombra Della Sera

L’Ombra Della Sera is the place to go for everyone who wants to enjoy Italian culinary culture on a low budget. The restaurant offers a wide variety of typically Italian dishes with grilled meat or fresh fish, which guests can either accompany with specialties from regional wineries or local beers. However, its pasta variations, especially the tagliatelle with gorgonzola and pears, are the absolute highlight of an evening at L’Ombra Della Sera.


35 Via Giovanni Brocca, Magenta, MI 20013, 20013, Italy, +39 02 9729 1809

Trattoria Pontevecchio – Il sagrato

Il Sagrato is a grill, pizzeria and à la carte restaurant serving international cuisine all in one. The delicious range of dishes, most notably the famous Paella alla Valenciana, is not only served in the inside of the Trattoria but also in the traditional courtyard of the restaurant that has a special medieval flair. An old fireplace and the armor of medieval knights fit perfectly into the unique environment and gives the place a touch of history and originality. Great service, friendly staff and very generous portions for an affordable price make every evening at Il Sagrato a success.


Via Isonzo 40 – ponte vecchio, 20013 Magenta, Italy, +39 029 729 0582

Agriturismo Cascina Bullona

Agriturismo Cascina Bullona is a traditional rustic Italian restaurant located on a farm on the outskirts of Magenta. It is a welcome addition to the Italian restaurants of the city with its unique style, laid-back atmosphere and down-to-earth cuisine that represents traditional elements of Lombardic culture. There is a special lunch and dinner menu for every day of the week and, every so often, Agriturismo Cascina Bullona also offers pasta-making and bread-baking classes for its visitors.


Strada Valle, 32, 2001 Magenta, Italy, +39 029 729 2091

Ristorante Cinese Zhu Huang

Ristorante Cinese Zhu Huang is an outstanding Chinese place in the city of Magenta and one of the few restaurants there that has not yet succumbed to the common tendency of adding Italian food or pizza to its menu. The restaurant’s owners are dedicated to keeping Chinese culinary tradition alive, while focusing on the high quality of their products. Ristorante Cinese Zhu Huang offers wonderful traditional dishes in a very professional and polite atmosphere to its customers.


Via Lomeni, 19, 20013 Magenta MI, Italy, +39 029 729 7980

Trattoria di Luigi

Trattoria di Luigi is primarily a bar that also offers a range of starters and light snacks to complement their extensive drinks menu with. It is perfect for anyone who wants to spend an evening in a very relaxed atmosphere with local flair. While it is not the best place for someone who expects a substantial dinner, Trattoria di Luigi offers the opportunity to mingle with locals and discover high-quality spirits and other regional beer and wine specialties.


Via Ugo Foscolo 2, 20013 Magenta, Italy, +39 029 729 7151