The Best Parks To Visit In Athens

The Best Parks To Visit In Athens
Athens offers amazing variety. Apart from the historical and artistic gems, the city is also very green, so check out the best spots for nature lovers.
(1) Saint George, Lycabettus, Athens. © Στέλιος Δ/Flickr

Filopappos Hill

According to Greek mythology, this used to be the home of the nine muses. A visit to Filopappos will not disappoint you, since apart from the extinct turtles and over a hundred species of birds, it offers breathtaking, panoramic views over Acropolis and the Saronic Gulf.

Address: Filopappou Hill, Athens


In case you are interested in Ancient Greece, walk to the nearby Pnyx, the meeting place of the Democratic Assembly in the 5th century BC. Take a stroll around the hill where renowned orators such as Aristides, Demosthenes, and Pericles delivered their speeches and enjoy the unique, peaceful atmosphere.

Address: Pnyx, Athens

National Garden

Botanical Garden, Park
National Garden, Athens
One of the many pavilions in the National Garden, Athens | One of the many pavilions in the National Garden, Athens
This is probably the most well-known and favorite park for locals. Located in the heart of the city, just behind the Greek Parliament and the central square of Syntagma, the National Garden is the perfect spot to go for a picnic, go for a jog, or discover the duck ponds and the small zoo. Take some time to sit by the impressive fountains and watch some of the city’s senior citizens play chess.
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Zappeion Garden

Right next to the National Garden, Zappeion is another lovely oasis. Get the chance to admire the Megaron; a beautiful neoclassical building originally built to host the first contemporary Olympic Games in 1896, later to be transformed into a center for international conferences, political events, and exhibitions.

Address:Leof. Vassilissis Olgas, Athens

Pedion Areos

Created in 1934 in order to honor the heroes of the Greek Revolution, Areos is a large, wonderful park. Its location near the National Archaeological Museum makes it a perfect green destination after a morning of sightseeing.

Address: Areos Pedion, Athens