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Spritz | © Tomasz Rynkiewicz / Unsplash
Spritz | © Tomasz Rynkiewicz / Unsplash
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Welcome to Athens’ First-Ever Spritzeria

Picture of Ethel Dilouambaka
Updated: 24 January 2018
Two steps from one of Athens’ most famous bakeries, and you will find the Greek capital’s first spritzeria. What is that, you ask? A place where a bright orange drink known as the Spritz is served, of course. Still don’t get what it is? No worries, as Culture Trip has got you covered.

Opened in 2015, Drupes & Drips is the brainchild of Artemis Papadopoulos, son of Takis, the renowned baker in Koukaki, right behind the new Acropolis Museum. Papadopoulos opened this tiny place, located opposite his father’s business, for customers and friends to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or fresh juice alongside the delightful pastries sold in his father’s bakery. But with time, things have evolved, and thanks to his undying love for Italy, the little coffee place has turned into a full-on spritzeria, a place that specializes in the Italian aperitivo drink known as the Spritz.

Courtesy of Drupes & Drips

The Spritz, made with Prosecco or Champagne, is a staple in Northern Italy where it is usually consumed before dinner with a bunch of tapas-style food. In Athens, however, and in Drupes & Drips more specifically, you can have it any way you want (Campari or Aperol) and pair it with a plate of yummy charcuterie, tasty cheese or any other finger foods on the menu. All of this, accompanied by your best buddies while standing at the bar or sitting outside on summer days on a stool, makes summer afternoons and evenings at Drupes & Drips a little haven.

Courtesy of Drupes & Drips

If you dislike Prosecco or even Aperol (or Campari), opt for a glass of red or white wine, a shot of tsipouro or a refreshing glass of beer or one of the delicious concoctions written on the blackboard. The extensive menu of snacks and appetizers is unique and includes discoveries and innovations that cannot be found elsewhere in Athens.

If you happen to be in the area in the morning, Drupes & Drips is equally ideal for breakfast. All you have to do is make your way to the bakery (sorry if you have to stand in line—Takis’ pastries and bread are highly popular), order whatever you feel like having and find an empty stool outside or at the bar of Drupes, and order yourself a good cup of joe. Wait until you bite into that delicious bread (or croissant)—you will quickly become a regular!

Courtesy of Drupes & Drips