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Drinks | © Unsplash/Pixabay
Drinks | © Unsplash/Pixabay
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The Top 12 Bars In Kolonaki, Athens

Picture of Ethel Dilouambaka
Updated: 9 February 2017
The nightlife options in Athens are numerous; if you are a fan of sophisticated bars, then Kolonaki is a great choice for you. With its diverse choice of cafes and bars where you can enjoy an afternoon coffee or a nightcap; here are our favorite bars and clubs in Kolonaki.


This bar is an all-time favorite for Athenians. The crowd is diverse and includes people who enjoy classic rock ‘n’ roll tunes, mainstream music, and also DJ sets. Make sure to try one of their ‘rock’-tails, served by expert bartenders. With its luxurious decor and two bars, Rock’n’Roll is a must-visit bar in Kolonaki during the winter months. That’s right, from June-September, the bar operates in Mykonos, so if you’re spending some time on the island, you know where to go.

Rock’n’Roll, Filikis Etaireias 1, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 210 7220649

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Minnie the Moocher

Located in the heart of Kolonaki on the pedestrian street of Tsakalof, Minnie the Moocher is an institution. Established in 1931, the bar plays swing jazz music in a unique setting. Try one of their signature cocktails, you will love them. Minnie is the place to go when you want to spend a cool night in a funky place.

Minnie the Moocher, Tsakalof 6, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0364 1686

Last cocktail for now with my bestie @taniabreazou_official 💕👯🍸

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Jazz in Jazz

Jazz in Jazz is one of those low-key bars where you can simply enjoy being out and having fun. It is cozy, simple and has a familiar vibe. The music is never too loud, and the bar also hosts live gigs. This is a cool joint you will want to revisit again and again.

Jazz in Jazz, Deinokratous 4, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0725 8362

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Located in central Kolonaki, T5 is a great bar with tasty concoctions and a vibrant music playlist. Though it is labeled as a Japanese restaurant and serves sushi, T5 is best for drinks with friends. Always packed on weekends and evenings, it has proved itself as an excellent choice for a night out, particularly if you do not mind waiting for your order while enjoying good conversations.

T5, Tsakalof 5, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0362 1776

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Bar 56

This homey pocket-sized bar is not easy to find but certainly worth seeking out. With an extensive whiskey collection, Bar 56 is a place where you can savor great drinks in a unique jazzy atmosphere. The menu might be a bit confusing for the novice, so trust Panagiotis, the smiley owner who will help you.

Bar 56, Ploutarxou 56, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0723 1424

Whisky or whiskey

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This rock bar has been around for a while. Renovated in 2014, the bar still occupies the ground floor of a beautiful Neoclassical building and has a cute outdoor courtyard perfect for relaxing on late afternoons. At night, the casual vibe is still palpable, with great music options and delicious and tasty drinks (try the Raki Daiquiri).

Ippopotamos, Delfon 3b, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0363 4583

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This warm and cozy cafe has a laid-back atmosphere where conversation, jazz music with live performances, DJ sets, and delectable drinks are de rigueur. In other words, Skoufaki is ideal for those nights when you want a clubbing atmosphere without the crowds and invasive music.

Skoufaki, Skoufa 47-49, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 210 364 5888

Friday afterwork drinks, I've been expecting you! #TGIF #aperol #spritz

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Rue de Marseille

A charming little bar with a friendly feel, Café Rue de Marseille is a great joint to hang out with friends and listen to catchy songs. Located across from the Hellenic American Union and with the Institut Français d’Athènes a stone’s throw away, it is one of the best-kept secrets of Kolonaki. If you feel like traveling to France in two minutes, Rue de Marseille is the place to be.

Rue de Marseille, Massalias 11, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0362 6606

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Luxus Cocktail Bar

Perfect for hot summer nights out, Luxus Cocktail Bar is an excellent choice to begin your party night. The cocktails are particularly tasty, and we recommend you try the ‘Brownskin Gal,’ with aged rum, ginger, and passion fruit, simply divine.

Luxus Cocktail Bar, Valtetsiou 27, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 21 3004 7353

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Technically on the border between Kolonaki and Exarcheia, Circus is a bar that doesn’t need an introduction. This all-day bar comes alive at night and serves an insane Ginger Cosmopolitan. If you cannot find room inside, rest assured, as the pavement is actually more comfortable, allowing you to mingle and dance should a funky tune play.

Circus, Navarinou 11, Kolonaki/Exarcheia, Athens, Greece, +30 210 361 5255


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Paplou, with its original name (Pa for Patriarchou Ioakim, and Plou for Ploutarchou, the names of the two streets), is an all-day bar. Not trying to look like a club or becoming the best restaurant in the neighborhood, Paplou is simply a place where you can enjoy memorable moments with your friends while drinking delectable cocktails, and classic wines and beers. Nice and easy, like a Sunday morning.

Paplou, Patriarchou Ioakim 45 & Ploutarchou, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 210 724 1260

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Cinderella is more of a club than a bar. First, this is a great place for dancing. Second, for its unique tropical-70s-disco vibe alone, Cinderella is worth a visit. Third, the music is fun and eclectic, and there is an illuminated dance floor. Need we say more?

Cinderella Disco Club, Leventi 3, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 210 722 2977

#dance #floor #disco #discoteque

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