The Best Street Food Spots in Athens

Taste the delicious flavours of a falafel wrap with hummus, tomato, romaine & cucumber
Taste the delicious flavours of a falafel wrap with hummus, tomato, romaine & cucumber | | © Lara604/Flickr
Ethel Dilouambaka

With such a variety of influences, the street food scene of Athens has seen a rise in innovative places to eat selling delicious, cheap and healthy options to cater to all tastes. Here are some of our top choices for street food in Athens.

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1. To Souvlaki Tou Kosta (Kostas)

Restaurant, Fast Food, Mediterranean

When it comes to Greek street food, souvlaki is simply one of the best. Our favourite place to find a mouthwatering souvlaki is To Souvlaki Tou Kosta (or Kostas, to many), a small souvlatzidiko (a restaurant serving souvlaki) that’s been in business since 1946. Famous for its exquisite souvlaki and homemade tomato sauce, the souvlaki at Kostas is the perfect example of street food done right.

2. Feyrouz

Restaurant, Middle Eastern, Lebanese

An indoor view of Feyrouz, with a tall table and chair next to a window, a light blue wall and lights
© Danae Issari

Tucked away on the corner of a quiet street, Feyrouz is a hotspot for modern street food in the capital. Forget the traditional spanakopita (a Greek spinach pie) and try the vegetarian lahmatzoun (a round handmade dough with vegetable and herb fillings) or the fatayer (a vegetarian pie), a distant cousin of the Greek spinach pie, seasoned with sumac and red pepper. The fresh salads and daily soups are also a must-try.

3. Street Wok

Restaurant, Asian

The desire for something other than souvlaki may lead you to try Street Wok, an Asian food joint specialising in stir-fry, with three branches in Athens. Street Wok innovates with a three-step concept: you choose your own ingredients (noodles, white or brown rice, veggies and sauce) and your food is cooked right in front of you. Simple, fast and absolutely delicious!

4. Falafellas

Restaurant, Sandwich Shop, Street Food, Mediterranean

Falafels are a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous gyros (a meat-filled wrap) and cheese pies in Athens. Head to a pioneer of the falafel trend, Falafellas, on Aiolou Street. Although, you may need to be patient, as there can be around a 15-minute wait for your falafel sandwich at this popular place – but the wait is definitely worth it.

5. Etnico

Restaurant, Fast Food, Central American, Middle Eastern

A true ambassador of world cuisine, Etnico takes you on a culinary journey through distant destinations with its flavoursome food. Try a chimichanga, a falafel sandwich or a delicious quesadilla, and wash it all down with a fresh juice. Healthy, tasty and delicious – this menu takes you to the four corners of the world. What are you waiting for?

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