The Best Greek Islands You Should Visit For Nightlife

Mykonos by night | © Alessandro Bonvini/Flickr
Mykonos by night | © Alessandro Bonvini/Flickr
Greece is known for its warm people, strong heritage and healthy cuisine, but also a vibrant nightlife. Not surprising, as Greeks love to have fun and party. While Athens and Thessaloniki boast a great night scene, the same can be said for the islands, though undeniably, some are more ‘gifted’ than others. Here are the top Greek islands for nightlife.


Probably the first destination that comes to mind when it comes to nightlife, even before Athens or Thessaloniki. Mykonos, in the Cyclades, is often dubbed the Ibiza of Greece. The cosmopolitan island has numerous famous bars and clubs where you can rub shoulders with celebrities and regular people alike. As the night settles in, the area turns into a wild party island, with beach bars and clubs pumping DJ sets loud and partygoers dancing the night away, a class of champagne or cocktail in hand. The most famous beaches such as Paradise, Super Paradise and Paranga are filled with bars where partying is the order of the day.

Courtesy of Super Paradise Beach Club


The Cycladic island of Ios, between Naxos and Santorini, also has a solid reputation as a party island, although with a more laidback vibe. But don’t mistake that relaxed attitude for lacklustre parties. In Chora, the night never ends, with its endless supply of bars and clubs, while Mylopotas is known to be a major beach party scene.

Courtesy of FarOut Beach Club


The Ionian island of Zakynthos, with its stunning beaches is also an important nightlife hub. You will find nice bars in Zakynthos town, but if you prefer dance clubs, Tsilivi and Laganas are definitely two places to check out. Tsilivi is a busy resort in the north-eastern part of the island, near the main town. With its ample supply of clubs and bars, Tsilivi always has something to satisfy a wide range of party people. But undeniably the most popular is Laganas, in the south-west part, which has a long strip of clubs and bars with loud music and is frequented by vast groups of partygoers all summer long.

Courtesy of Sin City Bar


During the summer months, Skiathos, the busiest island of the Sporades, is a favorite for partygoers. While the island has many charms, including peaceful villages, beautiful beaches and verdant interior, the island and mostly Chora, the main town is bursting with life. There are two hubs, including the area after the marina, on the eastern side of Chora, on the way to the airport, which is lined with bars and clubs. There’s also downtown, where during high season, bars on Polytechniou street are filled with people. Don’t like the music in one? No worries, go to the next across the street.

Courtesy of Kahlua Club, Skiathos


Kos is one of the popular islands of the Dodecanese group when it comes to nightlife, with a wide selection of clubs and bars catering to all tastes. Concentrated in two streets, in the heart of the main town, the bars and clubs host wild parties every night during peak season. Outside the main town, Kardamena, a popular destination for British tourists, comes second when it comes to partying, while there are a few nightclubs and bars in Tigaki and Agios Stefanos.

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Corfu also counts a few nightlife hubs. While you can find cool clubs and bars in the Old Town, you wild definitely get to experience awesome parties in Kavos and Sidari. Both enjoy a lively nightlife, including open-air nightclubs, beach parties and a wide collection of bars.

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