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Greek Designer Creates the World's Most Stressful Versions of Our Favourite Everyday Objects

Picture of India Irving
Social Content Producer
Updated: 15 February 2018

Athens-based designer Katerina Kamprani is cracking us up and stressing us out with her hilarious series The Uncomfortable, a collection of everyday objects made specifically to annoy people. The designs themselves appear to be just as sleek as they are useless – even just looking at them feels stressful! Concrete umbrella, anyone?

Katerina’s goal with the project is to break down the practicality of everyday objects and then tweak the designs just enough to render them completely ridiculous. She explains on her website that she wants the work to help her audience ‘appreciate the complexity and depth of interactions with the simplest of objects.’ She is also striving to make us laugh, which she definitely succeeds in doing, although a wine glass you can’t actually drink from is possibly more tragic than funny!

According to her website, The Uncomfortable began in 2011 following Katerina’s decision not to complete her studies in industrial design. Lacking the funds to create proper models of all her awesomely awkward ideas, she instead opted to mock-up 3D visualisations in order to gain a following and spread her message of playful annoyance.

Luckily for us, the designer has recently decided to take a risk and produce actual prototypes of the series using her life savings as financing. So the next time you want to attempt to season your dinner through hourglass salt and pepper shakers, toast to your health with intertwined champagne flukes, dig into your steak with a chain fork or just really fail at watering your plants, you might be able to make it happen.

But seriously, how cool would these objects be as ultra funky home decor or even slick art pieces? It looks like getting comfortable with the uncomfortable might be the way forward after all. Cheers to that!

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