7 Greek Beauty Products for the Perfect Summer Glow

Wild Rose serum by Korres
Wild Rose serum by Korres | © Korres
Photo of India Doyle
28 June 2018

The Greeks have all the secrets to the best summer glow, and thankfully, there’s now a whole host of beauty products to ensure you can too.

Greek beauty brands have carved a reputation for themselves by prioritising natural products and a more holistic beauty approach. Affordable and ethical, there’s no excuse not to enjoy all-over radiance courtesy of Greek beauty brands this summer. Read Culture Trip’s guide to the best Greek beauty products for the perfect summer glow.

Korres wild rose facial oil

Greece’s most famous beauty brand sure knows how to look after its customers. Korres specialises in natural products that, along with their love and appreciation for the Greek landscape, makes them experts in looking after summer skin. In particular, their wild rose facial oil is a revered product amongst the beauty community. A concreted dose of vitamin C, apricot extract and sunflower oils work to ensure skin gets the help it needs to re-energise after a day on Greece’s beautiful beaches and bring out the healthy glow.

Korres wild rose oil | © Korres

Apivita nourishing hair mask

Protecting your hair from sun and sea damage is key to getting the all-over glow. Natural Greek beauty brand Apivita has nailed the art of creating a non-greasy lightweight mask, and it happens to be made from the best of Greek ingredients. The honey and oil mask replenishes lost moisture and keeps hair looking healthy all summer long. It also smells divine, ensuring you bring Greek summer with you wherever you go. For additional shine, use a little of their rescue hair oil every day too.

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Charcoal soap

It’s crazy that such a natural, affordable and traditional Greek beauty product isn’t more widely used. The charcoal works to remove impurities and clear pores for the ultimate healthy glow. In Greece, the soap is also often made with olive oil, providing a hydrating factor to further nourish the skin. You can pick up charcoal soap from all around Greece, at pharmacists, local vendors and market stalls. For a more high-tech offering, try Athens-based brand Agallis’s liquid charcoal face wash.


Glowbox is a Greek beauty company with a smart offer: the delivery of a box of glow-friendly beauty products to your door. It’s the ultimate solution for achieving the summer glow. In this season’s summer box, you’ll find everything from jasmine leave-in conditioners (a dream for combatting pool and sea-weathered hair) to all-natural face washes that restore the natural pH of your skin. The boxes are delivered bi-monthly and allow you to discover new brands every time.

Glowbox | © Glowbox

Frezyderm active sunscreen

There’s nothing better than achieving a natural glow from the sun. Greek brand Frezyderm ensures you’re super protected while you work on getting a tan. Their nourishing sunscreens offer a three-part protective structure that combines hydration, anti-ageing and sun protection all in one smooth, absorbable formula. The result is a durable, velvet-feel sunscreen that takes care of all the stresses that come from being out in the sun, leaving you free to explore the picturesque Cycladic islands or hike up the ancient sites of Athens.

Frezyderm Active SunScreen Face Cream SPF50 | © Frezyderm

O.live 3in1 night cream

The benefits of olive oil can’t be overstated. The power of this Mediterranean ingredient forms the basis of O.live, a Greek brand that puts olive oil at the heart of all of its products. One such glow-essential is the brand’s night cream with an active formula designed to counter the damage that the skin experiences throughout the day. Tea tree oil and apricot kernel oil add to the supple results and help to keep skin smooth and protected – perfect for countering wild beach parties on Mykonos.

O.live night cream | © O.live

Korres mint tea body scrub

Regularly exfoliating is one of the best ways to optimise your tan on holiday; it helps remove dead skin cells to help ensure a smooth all-over glow. Korres’ mint tea body scrub is gentle and soothing, perfect for post-beach or post-pool showers. Use regularly and enjoy a bright, vibrant look all summer long, wherever you are.

Korres mint tea body scrub | © Korres

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