The 10 Best Restaurants In Essen, Germany

Essen | © Hans Kreul/Flickr
Essen | © Hans Kreul/Flickr
Photo of Eliza Marin
25 April 2017

Essen is a delightful city within the Ruhr Valley, loaded with fairytale restaurants inspired by a whole host of international cultures. Here are some of the best.

Casino Zollverein

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Zollverein Complex and stunning in terms of presentation, Casino Zollverein takes the concept of decor and dining to the next level. Inspired by the industrial theme of the region, the restaurant captures the very best features of the place. Tanks and concrete walls contrast with glamorous chandeliers and functional but classy furniture. In terms of culinary experience, Casino Zollverein offers haute cuisine with a touch of regional and seasonal ingredients that celebrates the excellence of the Ruhr Region. Watch out for roasted pastured lamb & sous vide, a lamb speciality with Mediterranean couscous that will really delight the senses.

Casino Zollverein, Gelsenkirchener Str. 181, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 830240


A Mongolian kitchen through-and-through, the overarching philosophy here is for fresh, low-fat, healthy and most of all delicious meals. The menu is just overwhelmingly colorful; like an encyclopedia of ingenious recipes, some traditional, some regional, others just vegetarian – all very authentic. Mongo’s have also added options without any allergens, totally vegan choices and chili-free dishes for children. One must-try is the Malay satay, a flavor-packed combination of fresh peanut paste doused with honey and lemon.

Mongos, Altendorfer Str. 3a, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 1095986

Mongolian Beef | © Craig Dugas/Flickr


With a fairytale location, Hülsmannshof not only has a stunning view but also acts as a green oasis amid the noisy city of Essen. With a century-old reputation and history, the former inn belonged to the Krupp Family, which was one of the wealthiest in the region. It was also responsible for the economic and industrial boom of the Ruhr Valley. Intersected with old oak structures from 1985 and modern reconstruction, the architecture keeps most of its original pieces and the authentic traditional styles of the old half-timber houses typical of Westphalia. The menu offers up similarly traditional cuisine and seasonal choices, like those scrumptious pork medallions with chanterelle mushrooms in cream.

Hülsmannshof, Lehnsgrund 14 a, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 871250

© Hulmannshof

Oase Due

The restaurant Oase Due is known for the exquisite quality of its Italian dishes, but most of all for the incomparable excellence of Chef Franco’s daily specialities. The petite yet delightful interior brings life and enjoyment to the menu. Meanwhile the decor is simple but classic. It adds a gentle tone with colors of beige and green and plenty of wooden furniture. The a la carte is delicious overall, but the taglierini al pesto Genovese has that unforgettable, traditional Italian touch.

Oase Due, Rüttenscheider Straße 189, Essen, Germany, +49 0201-790640

Jagdhaus Schellenberg

With a fantastic view over the Ruhr River and valley, Jagdhaus Schellenberg is a spectacular place in more ways than one. It is housed in a traditional, half-timbered Swiss riegelhaus. This is a famous architectural type from Europe’s German-speaking countries, known for distinctive wooden skeletons over clay walls. The restaurant was once used as a residence for local lumberjacks. Today, it offers exceptional service and a fine-dining array of dishes with a curious Asiatic influence.

Jagdhaus Schellenberg, Heisinger Straße 170a, Essen, Germany, +49 0201437 870

Japanease Miga Sushi

Offering food that’s every bit as fresh and delicate as Japanese cuisine is supposed to be, Miga Sushi is one ideal restaurant to visit in Essen. Elegant and traditional, the decorations are simple but meaningful to induce the ceremonial atmosphere of dining with style. The sushi variations, such as maki and nigiri, with fresh fish like salmon, eel and trough shell, the traditional miso soup and vegetarian horenso gomae (sesame with spinach) are all worth sampling.

Miga Sushi Restaurant, Rüttenscheider Str. 54, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 792811

Sushi | © kanami-y/Pixabay


Tablo gathers exquisite, quality food in a modern setting and has some of the finest Turkish cuisine in Westphalia. With a bright and spacious interior, the joint is subtle but refined, loaded with minimalist, wooden furniture that complements the classy vibe. The menu is complex and suited for family gatherings and intimate dinners, while both vegetarian and carnivore dishes rub shoulders neatly. Suitable for a special occasion is the rack of lamb on brandy and Madeira wine sauce with vegetables – as splendid as it sounds.

Tablo, Huyssenallee 5, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 8119585

Korean Sa Rang Bang

A family restaurant for more than three decades, this joint’s traditional Korean dining has been elevated to something of an institution in Essen. Dimly lit the interior surrounded by subtle Korean architectural touches, from the door frame to the positioning of a small aquarium and the delicate combinations of fuchsia and yellow here and there. It is at once enthralling and enchanting. The food at Sa Rang Bang is especially spicy but marvelous in its meticulous preparation and presentation. Watch out for doeji anschim bulgogie – one seriously addictive and uber-hot marinated pork fillet.

Sa Rang Bang, Joseph-Lenne-Straße 29, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 790304

Bistecca Grillroom

American steakhouse, German setting and international recipes all combined in a stylish atmosphere make Bistecca Grillroom a great Essen restaurant. The team here know exactly what their guests want and are there to make it happen. But even apart from the very attentive staff, the cuisine is simply brilliant, with lots for the carnivores, from tartar to Australian steak and top Wagyu ribs.

Bistecca Grillroom, Rüttenscheider Str. 2, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 24887564


Dressed kaleidoscopically in the Arabic style, Karawane is a travel through time and continents. It showcases a world of deserts, spices and souks. Lively colors give the place its vibrant, dazzling touch; multi-colored ceilings converge on combinations of red, and hand-ornaments abut tasseled carpets and green sculpted lamps. The leaning towards typical cuisine means tasty kebabs, moussaka, lamb medallions and succulent franjieh beef steak are all available.

Karawane, Rellinghauser Str. 157, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 235497

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