The Best Things to See and Do in Winterberg, Germany

Winterberg | © hpgruesen / Pixabay
Winterberg | © hpgruesen / Pixabay
Photo of Anwesha Ray
13 January 2018

Winterberg is a small, picturesque town in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This region, blessed with dense vegetation, craggy mountain ranges and panoramic views, is a popular getaway choice for families throughout the year. However, Winterberg really comes to life in the colder months, when thousands of adventure-seekers flock to this resort town to indulge in thrilling winter sports and feast their eyes on snow-blanketed vistas.

Ski adventures at Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

Skiliftkarussell Winterberg is the largest ski resort in Sauerland. It witnesses almost a million visitors every year and is the venue for international sporting competitions. The resort offers 27.5 km (17 miles) of ski slopes, 26 ski lifts and superb skiing conditions for experts as well as intermediaries. If you are enthusiastic about taking up skiing or brushing up your skills, sign up at the ski school here. In summer, the resort transforms into a paradise for downhill bikers and mountain-boarding enthusiasts.

Choo-choo on the Kappe Express

Explore Winterberg in an adorable little train – Der Kappe Express. This fire red, two-wagon train takes travelers on a nostalgic ride through the quaint town of Winterberg. Jump aboard at the mountain square and relax as the Kappe Express lazily chugs along the winding streets and up the mountain, dropping you off at the starting point in around 45 minutes. The train also makes a stop at Erlebnisberg Kappe.

Winter wonderland in Snow World Züschen

Snow World Züschen is yet another opportunity for snow lovers to indulge in a variety of winter sports, including skiing, bobsledding, snowtubing and airboarding. Here, you can also learn skiing under the watchful eyes of expert instructors. Snow World Züschen earns major brownie points with children with their super-exciting kid-oriented snow activities. If you are not into winter sports, that’s no reason to feel left out. This is a great place to enjoy breathtaking views of the snowy landscape, watch others in action and munch some warm goodies at the cafe.

Snow World Zuschen, Zum Homberg, Winterberg, Germany +49 02981 1535

Unique exhibits at West German Winter Sports Museum

If you are fascinated by all things winter sports, you might want to drop in at the West German Winter Sports Museum. Through various interesting exhibits, you can trace the evolution of winter sports equipment from the very basic to the cutting-edge versions we have today. Expect to see vintage ski poles, snow tires, snow shoes, etc., and learn a good bit about the history of bobsledding, skating and sleighing.

Am Gerkenstein 20, Winterberg-Neuastenberg, Germany +49 29 81 26 36

Panoramic hiking trails

If the idea of hiking among the highest peaks of Sauerland thrills you, Winterberg is the right destination for you. The 82 Km (51 mile) long Winterberger Hochtour (Winterberg High-Altitude Trail), which starts and finishes in Kahler Asten mountain, is an immensely popular trail among hikers. The trail cuts through stunning mountain heath, beautiful valleys, cultural attractions and adorable mountain hamlets. The most amazement-inducing section of the trail is the ridge of the Rothaar mountains, from where hikers get an uninterrupted 360 degree panorama of the landscape.

Hiking in Winterberg promises great views | © Mojo Jojo / Flickr

Date with nature at Wild- und Freizeitpark am Ettelsberg

A favorite with children, Wild- und Freizeitpark am Ettelsberg is home to a number of interesting animals and birds. Visitors are allowed to feed many of the animals, but only food purchased from the machines in the park. The bird show is especially popular with visitors. Set in a natural, tree-shaded region, this wildlife is a nice place to spend a few quiet hours in. The park also has a small playground and a cafe.

Wild-und Freizeitpark, Am Ettelsberg 2, Willingen (Upland), Germany +49 05632 69198

Family fun at Fort Fun Adventure Park

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Fort Fun Abenteuerland
Fort Fun Abenteuerland | © Axel Schwenke / Flickr
Fort Fun Abenteuerland is the most popular theme park in Sauerland, and with good reason. Here, the whole family can giggle and scream as they try out one ride after the other. While some of the rides are especially made with daredevils in mind, there is enough to do for the tiniest ones as well.