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Park Sanssouci | © Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr
Park Sanssouci | © Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr

The Best Boutique Hotels in Potsdam, Germany

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Updated: 29 November 2017

Potsdam is the perfect place for a weekend escape, its manageable size and range of cultural and historical sights making it a joy to explore. There is a range of accommodation on offer in the area, but if you’re after great locations and accommodation that reflect the city’s traditional charm, look no further than Potsdam’s boutique hotels. Filled with history and charm, here are the best boutique hotels in Potsdam.


Potsdam | © LoboStudioHamburg / Pixabay

Hotel am Jägertor Potsdam

Hotel am Jägertor is located in Potsdam’s Dutch Quarter, close to city’s top tours, and bustling cafes and bars. The hotel’s name pays homage to one of the city’s oldest gates, Jägertor – or Hunters Gate – located opposite the hotel. The hotel itself was built in the 19th century, using neoclassical architecture and has served as a nursing home for offices, a guest house in World War Two and a GDR state-run hotel in 1989. After the fall of the wall, Hotel am Jägertor reopened with an elegant design, 61 rooms and a stylish atmosphere. Centrally located and rich in history, this Dutch Quarter gem is a wonderful boutique hotel in Potsdam.



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Dutch Quarter Potsdam | © Allan Grey/Flickr


Hotel am Luisenplatz

Hotel am Luisenplatz has a baroque style and ambience, and is located in the heart of the old town. With 38 guest rooms, two restaurants, saunas and a modern, yet traditional design, it provides a touch of luxury for visitors. A short walk from some of the city’s top bars, Brandenburger Tor and Park Sanssouci, the hotel is well located and offers guests a convenient, comfortable stay.


Luisenplatz Potsdam | ©PeterBe/Pixabay

Schlossgarten Hotel am Park Sanssouci

Schlossgarten Hotel is located in the stunning Potsdam Villa Quarter, in Park Sanssouci. A short walk from the New Palace, the Charlottenhof Palace, the Chinese Teahouse, the Orangerie and the Sanssouci Palace, this hotel is perfectly located. All the rooms are individually designed to fit with the atmosphere of the hotel, offering luxury atmosphere during your stay. It is a romantic oasis during a weekend trip to Potsdam.


Park Sanssouci potsdam | © schaerfsystem / Pixabay


Hotel Villa Monte Vino

Hotel Villa Monte Vino is located on a lush hill above the royal vineyard of Sanssouci Palace. Just a short walk from Park Sanssouci and Potsdam’s shopping district, there is plenty to explore in the area. With tranquil surroundings, it’s the perfect place for a romantic getaway in Potsdam.



Looking down at Sanssouci Park | ©schaerfsystem/Pixabay

Altstadt Hotel

Altstadt Hotel in the heart of the Old Town in Potsdam has a historic and traditional charm. A short walk from the shopping district in the city centre and top sights in Park Sanssouci, the hotel is well located for guests’ convenience. In the afternoon the hotel offers traditional German coffee in its cafe, with a relaxed yet elegant ambience. With comfortable rooms and a great location, it’s a lovely boutique hotel in Potsdam with a traditional flair.




Old Town Potsdam | © Karen Mardahl /WikiCommons

Hotel Brandenburger Tor

As the name suggests, Hotel Brandenburger Tor is located in the middle of Potsdam’s Old Town next to Brandenburg Gate. It is one of the most popular hotels in Potsdam and offers a range of rooms, each lending home comforts with a luxury twist. With stunning city views and a great location near the city’s top bars, restaurants and sights, it’s the perfect boutique hotel for a short trip to Potsdam.



Hotel Brandenburger Tor | © Nikolai Karaneschev/WikiCommons


XIX Neunzehn

XIX Neunzehn is a red brick Dutch-style hotel, located in the heart of the Dutch Quarter. Offering five guest rooms and a large event space, it’s the perfect hotel to host a special event or have a romantic, intimate getaway. A boutique hotel and restaurant, there is always great food at your doorstep. The hotel is a short walk from most of the city’s top sights, including the Nauener Gate, St. Nicholas Church and Potsdam’s palaces. Whether guests are in the city for a special occasion, relaxing holiday or city break, the sophisticated hotel rooms and central location are the ideal accommodation in Potsdam.