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Engelsbäckerei |© Engelsbäckerei
Engelsbäckerei |© Engelsbäckerei
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The 10 Best Brunches In Lübeck

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Updated: 17 November 2016
Located on the northern part of Germany, Lübeck’s rich history continues to be felt today. Beyond its medieval skyline with extensive Gothic brick architecture and its numerous cultural offerings, you will find an equally enchanting culinary scene. Take a break from sightseeing and enjoy a bite and a cup of coffee at one of the best brunch spots in the city.
Café Niederegger |© Café Niederegger
Café Niederegger | © Café Niederegger
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Cafe Niederegger

Lübeck has a reputation as the home of marzipan. Directly opposite the Town Hall, find Cafe Niederegger has been producing the beloved specialty from a carefully guarded recipe since 1806. After you learn more about the almond-based confection at the museum housed on the second floor, treat yourself to a milky marzipan coffee and a sweet or savory delight in the most unique atmosphere.

Address & telephone number: Breite Str. 89, across from the Town Hall steps, Lübeck, +49 451 5301127

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Cafe Affenbrot

It’s rare to find a place dedicated to true vegetarian food, but this cafe/bistro surely is. Affenbrot is a nicely located large cafe with indoor and outdoor seating with an extended list of tasty snacks and organic beverages which will surprise you.

Address & telephone number: Kanalstraße 70, Lübeck, +49 451 72193

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Cafe Art

One of the oldest and loveliest cafes in the city is housed in a charming old brick merchant’s residence. Cafe Art serves hearty bites, warm beverages, cold drinks and desserts. If you appreciate art, the frequent concerts and changing art exhibitions will please you for sure.

Address & telephone number: Kapitelstrasse 4-8, Lübeck, +4945178181

Engelsbäckerei |© Engelsbäckerei

Engelsbäckerei |© Engelsbäckerei

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At Engelsbäckerei, try some fresh home-baked American and French pastries, accompany them with a delicious coffee or tea and relax.

Address & telephone number: Große Petersgrube 8A, Lübeck, +49 451 792999

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Frøken Wildhagen

In the middle of the old town center, Frøken Wildhagen invites you to relax and enjoy the Scandinavian ambiance. With heavenly cakes, cookies, quiches and coffee made from the best Arabica beans coming from Latin America and roasted by Hamburg’s best roaster, it is hard not to fall in love with the place.

Address & telephone number: Beckergrube 90, Lübeck, +49 451 48917163

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Sapido Fresh

This is the place for fresh sandwiches and baguettes. Sapido Fresh satisfies every taste with an extensive menu of light meals to enjoy with a specialty coffee or freshly squeezed juice which will restore your lost energy.

Address & telephone number: Schmiedestraße 24, Lübeck, +49 451 40083341

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Cafe Calma

Enjoy plenty of choices like bagels, muesli and coffees at this little cafe-restaurant. Explore Calma’s menu to reward yourself in the most enjoyable way.

Address & telephone number: Hüxstraße 67, Lübeck, +49 451 72729

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Variety can be found in small spaces too, and Kaffehaus is the living proof. Discover freshly roasted specialty coffees, order some handmade chocolates, pastries or savory delights and immerse yourself in a modern ambiance which will awaken all of your senses.

Address & telephone number: Hüxstraße 35, Lübeck, +49 451 70984810

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Café Erdapfel

The concept is simple yet irresistible: oven baked potatoes with a big selection of stuffing options to choose from. Erdapfel’s serves vegan and vegetarian versions of everything.

Address & telephone number: Markttwiete 1, Lübeck, +49 451 58698390

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If you crave delicious pastries or snacks, divine marzipan cakes or heavenly chocolate treats without moving away from Lübeck’s center, this patisserie is ideal. Located on the main square, Maret transforms cooking into art.

Address & telephone number: Markttwiete 17, Lübeck, +49 451 76136