The 10 Best Brunches In Essen, Germany

The 10 Best Brunches In Essen, Germany
Essen is packed with fabulous restaurants, with breath-taking panoramas and modern design. What’s more, the brunch offering is fantastic too, with everything from classic German sausages to healthy bites on offer in the city. Here’s our guide to some of the best places to enjoy brunch in Essen.
Unperfekthaus © Torsten Maue/Flickr


Housed in a former Franciscan monastery, Unperfekthaus is a cultural institution dedicated to accommodation, catering and artistic endeavors. The venue is about 4,000-square-meters in total and spreads over no fewer than seven floors. The fabulous concept of the entire artistic hub is openness towards its visitors, and the brunch buffet is delicious.
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Located across the Ruhr River in an old station chateau, Lukas is a fine morning retreat from the city center. The refined ambiance sits in contrast to the brick exterior of the traditional German train station architecture outside, while the terrace has its own relaxing vibe. The breakfast buffet is simply lavish with everything from juices, cold cuts, marmalades, cheese variations and fresh fruits, to irresistible, aromatic coffee.

Address & telephone: Lukas, Prinz-Friedrich-Platz 1, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 848353

Zeche Carl

The former mining complex of Zeche Carl is currently home to various pan-regional cultural events, from galleries to workshops. Suited to quiet brunches and light afternoon meals, the entire industrial complex here is one of the most attractive places to visit in Essen. Packed with cultural activities like live concerts and community gatherings, Zeche Carl is somewhere to meet new people over a plate of home-made garlic bread, chorizo and jalapenos, all with a cocktail on the side.

Address & telephone: Zeche Karl, Wilhelm-Nieswandt-Allee 100, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 8344410

Casino Zollverein

The ravishing haute cuisine restaurant inside the Zollverein complex hosts a delicious brunch buffet for connoisseurs and gourmands. Every Sunday, Casino Zollverein lays out a buffet filled with carefully chosen dishes, all styled to the highest quality. The avant-garde concept of combining the industrial design with a chandelier-worthy look brings the restaurant into the sphere of the innovative and interesting.

Address & telephone: Casino Zollverein, Gelsenkirchener Str. 181, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 830240

Jagdhaus Schellenberg

Jagdhaus Schellenberg is housed in a historical German residence, boasting an exquisite panorama over the surrounding nature and a penchant for traditional cuisine. Built in the 19th century, the restaurant showcases the typical lumberjack housing in the Rhine-Ruhr region. The breath-taking views over the spectacular valley of the Baldeneysee below is definitely worth the trip, while the Sunday breakfasts are also fantastic!

Address & telephone: Jagdhaus Schellenberg, Heisinger Straße 170 a, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 437870


Damfe has 300 seats across its indoors and delightful beer garden, while the breakfast buffet always has fresh seasonal additions that make it one of the best in town.

Address & telephone: Dampfe, Heinrich-Brauns-Straße 9-15, Essen, Germany, +49 0201 630070

Cafe Extrablatt

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Located on Kennedyplatz and mingling with high street stores, cinemas and boutiques, Cafe Extrablatt is one delightful cafe that’s definitely worth a visit. Known for its international cuisine and cozy atmosphere, the cafe is a morning den for both locals and tourists. Serving a typical American breakfast menu with bacon and fried eggs, it’s hardly a surprise people come back for more.
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Seitenblick is a restaurant that distinguishes itself with a unique combination of Black Forest regional cuisine and modern and international touches. Dominik Kramp, the entrepreneur of this endeavor, incorporates his passion for fresh farmed products, German culinary traditions and modern flair all at the same time. Consequently, the breakfast and brunch here mingle traditional bread with meatloaf and haute tarte flambé for something a little different.
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