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Sushi | © Valentin Kold Gundersen / Flickr
Sushi | © Valentin Kold Gundersen / Flickr
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8 Great Restaurants in Tbilisi That Don’t Serve Georgian Cuisine

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Updated: 20 January 2018
Besides Georgian cuisine, the country’s capital offers international meals at various restaurants. Here, you can try Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese, Chinese and Indian cuisine, to name a few. The city boasts more Asian restaurants than European varieties; this is mainly because every café and restaurant in Tbilisi offers a selection of staple European meals along with local dishes. So, here’s a list of restaurants that serve something other than Georgian fare.

Taj Mahal Restaurant

Restaurant, Indian, $$$
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Taj Mahal Restaurant offers a wide variety of Pakistani, Indian and Arabic cuisine. Here, you can try samosas, pakoras, soups, mutton, chicken, and vegetarian dishes, along with their traditional bread and milkshakes. The prices are average, and servings are decent.

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Sushi Room

Restaurant, Sushi, $$$
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If you’d like to eat sushi in Tbilisi, head to the Sushi Room, which offers soups, appetizers, rice bowls, Japanese noodle meals, desserts, and, of course, an exceptional range of sushi. The venue serves rolls, futomaki, gunkan, nigiri, and special set menus that will suit any taste and need.
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Tuk Tuk

Restaurant, Thai, $$$
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