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© Courtesy of Orange Weddings
© Courtesy of Orange Weddings
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7 Perfect Wedding Destinations in Georgia

Picture of Baia Dzagnidze
Updated: 22 January 2018

If you are planning your wedding and want a destination wedding in a unique country with beautiful landscapes and venues, consider Georgia. The state located at the crossroad of Europe and Asia offers a mixture of both, that is reflected in its culture, traditions, and architecture. However, if you are looking to host your wedding in nature, Georgia won’t disappoint you either. Mountains, vineyards, lakes, remote villages with medieval defense towers, castle-like resorts and chateaus, and the Black Sea is where you can bring your guests and have a beautiful destination wedding.


The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi utterly shows the juxtaposition of modern and ancient architecture. With so many venues to choose from, the city also offers a wide range of perfect locations for the photoshoot. Narrow cobblestone streets, a botanical garden, the colorful wooden curved balconies Tbilisi is so famous for, ancient defense fortress, and gorgeous views of the city is what will make your wedding here so special.

Abanotubani – the old town

Tbilisi’s old town offers a wide variety of places to have a gorgeous photoshoot. Its dome-shaped sulfur bath tops, ancient walls, and centuries-old buildings are there to create beautiful memories of your wedding.