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The Best Bars And Cafes In The 18th Arrondissement

The Best Bars And Cafes In The 18th Arrondissement

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The 18th arrondissement has seen an influx of new and creative places to go for drinks. Many of the best bars and cafes offer a little something extra: be it a garden, a shopping opportunity, or a place to sit back and have fun. These cafes and bars range from eclectic, interdisciplinary spaces, to the most traditional sidewalk cafe. Read on to discover where best to enjoy a drink in the 18th.


Courtesy of Les Petites Gouttes

Courtesy of Les Petites Gouttes

Les Petites Gouttes

This place is a bar, bistro, and concert-exhibition venue all in one. Les Petites Gouttes is situated in the Pajol neighborhood, which is the first éco-quartier of Paris. The area was built and renovated from an old train station to incorporate renewable energy sources and natural materials. Les Petites Gouttes has a beautiful terrace, heated during colder months. The venue hosts many small concerts, art openings, and exhibitions, like the ‘Top to Bottom’ graffiti festival. This beautiful place provides a happy experience, whether it’s for live music, art, socializing, or an evening bite to eat.

12 Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, 75018 Paris, +33 1 42 05 20 83

La Cave Cafe

La Cave Cafe is a cozy bar with a multicultural (and largely Anglophone) clientele offering simplicity, quality, charm, and a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. On Sundays, the cafe has brunch, including an ‘Irish breakfast’ option. Try the fish and chips served in newspaper in classic British style.

134 rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris, France, +33 (0)1 46 06 29 17

La Trincante

This original concept is part oyster bar and part antiques shop. You can enjoy a platter of six oysters (from Brittany and Normandy) and a glass of wine for 11 euros. The majority of things inside this bar is for sale, even your chair. La Trincante also has copious charcuterie, cheese, or prawn platters if you don’t like oysters.

23 rue Eugene Sue, 75018 Paris, France, +33 (0)6 63 17 29 28

Marlusse et Lapin

Marlusse et Lapin owes its name to the couple of owners of this small bar. They serve a range of drinks including tasty cocktails and absinthe, served à l’ancienne. Despite the small size and young crowd, the bar seems to have plenty of space notably because of the ‘Grandma’s room’ located inside. The decor is what you would expect: flowery wallpaper, black-and-white photo portraits, an old telephone, and a sewing machine that doubles as a table for your drinks. All in all, Marlusse et Lapin is a great address in Pigalle with hoards of friendly people and drinks at fair prices.

14 rue Germain Pilon, 75018, Paris, France, +33 (0)9 51 56 23 62


This German-style beer garden is named after the German word for ‘neighborhood’, or, a place where one feels comfortable and at home. What makes KIEZ special, aside from the totally German atmosphere, is the outdoor beer garden located behind the door of the bar. In addition to a variety of beverages, they serve dishes such as Bretzeln, Apfelstrudel, and Currywurst, as well as many other delicious daily specialties.

24 rue Vauvenargues, 75018 Paris, France, +33 (0)1 46 27 78 46

Courtesy of Le Rosie

Courtesy of Le Rosie

Le Rosie

This discreet bar on the popular rue Muller has a cozy, vintage-themed decor, with tables, chairs and couches, candles, and benches, reminding us of a friend’s apartment. You can expect wine, beer, and inventive cocktails set to relaxing background music with a DJ playing at weekends.

3, rue Muller, 75018 Paris, France, +33 (0)9 51 91 32 87

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La Chope du Chateau Rouge

La Chope du Chateau is a simple Parisian cafe with no extra frills – it’s an old and cheap bar that caters mostly to locals. You could spend a quiet day there, as it has good coffee, cheap pints, WiFi and food, although you are free to bring your own. It is everything you would expect from a stereotypical Parisian cafe where patrons sit and people-watch for hours.

40 rue de Clignancourt, 75018 Paris, France +33 (0)1 46 06 20 10

Cafe Lomi

Cafe Lomi was first known for its signature roast supplying many cafes in Paris. From the outside it appears bland but on the inside it’s a large warehouse-designed space, complete with peeling paint and visible pipes for a stylish finish. Cafe Lomi also has sweet and savory treats to accompany the excellent coffee and a substantial food menu. Look out for the café fromage, a combination of cheese and espresso meant to be enjoyed together; a sip of coffee after a bite of the bleu cheese.

3 ter rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris, France, +33 9 80 39 56 24

La REcyclerie

La REcyclerie is a cafe-cantine, cultural center and urban garden. This place was built on the remains of an old train station, and you can still walk along the train rails. The decor is made up of unique recycled pieces, in a large, luminous, and green space. Among the many activities here, there is a weekly market (by La Ruche Qui Dit Oui), workshops for children, tours of the urban garden and farm, and ‘l’atelier de REné’– the handyman’s workshop – for repairing and/or upcycling anything you may have. La REcyclerie is especially noteworthy during the summer when people can really take advantage of the gorgeous and sunny terrace and garden.

83 Boulevard Ornano, 75018 Paris, France, +33 1 42 57 58 49