Naked Dining In Paris: The Bunyadi To Open In September

Luncheon on the Grass by Édouard Manet © WikiCommons
Luncheon on the Grass by Édouard Manet © WikiCommons
Photo of Paul McQueen
4 August 2016

The nude dining experience to which Londoners have been treated since May is closing up shop early ahead of a move to Paris next month. The Bunyadi — Urdu word for ‘substantive’ — is a pop-up restaurant that will reopen in September for a period of two months at one of three as-yet-unconfirmed locations in the French capital.

According to its founder, Seb Lyall, the project had outgrown its London premises and was ready for a new chapter. Movers and shakers within the French restaurant industry were keen to see this much-remarked-upon idea come to Paris, approaching Lyall and offering him some of the city’s large, disused spaces. Liberation is at its heart, and we all know how the French feel about that.

Wherever exactly it does end up finding its new home, the concept will remain the same. Diners will be invited to strip down behind screens before taking their seats, though robes are provided for those not willing to go completely nude. The idea is to return to an earlier, freer version of ourselves — a time before electricity, mobile phones, and artificial flavorings. The particulars of the menu will change for the Parisian palette, though it will continue to be a mix of vegan and non-vegan options, served by candlelight and with edible cutlery.

So taking off our clothes to dine at #thebunyadi is today's adventure with @luisachristie (reposted from The Bunyadi)

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However, there’s not room for everyone in the Garden of Eden. A waiting list of tens of thousands blossomed for the London version — many of whom are sore out of luck now that it’s hopping over the Channel — and the same is likely to be true here. Whether you’ll get a table at the Parisian Bunyadi is a question without an answer, but at least you don’t need to ask yourself what you’re going to wear if you do.

September to October 2016
Location: to be announced

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