16 Spectacular Views Of Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel | © Selden Vestrit/Flickr
Mont Saint-Michel | © Selden Vestrit/Flickr
Photo of Natalie Marin
1 November 2016

On the border of Brittany and Normandy sits le Mont Saint-Michel, a craggy island nestled in a sandy tidal floodplain. The breathtaking island is thronged by flocks of grazing sheep, and is home to a charming medieval village as well as an abbey and monastery. Come with us, as we show you the most incredible views of this UNESCO World Heritage sight!

From far away, Mont Saint-Michel looks like a glimpse into the distant and forgotten past.

Saint Michel | © morosphinx:Flickr

It rises out of the flat, windswept plain as if conjured straight from the imagination, a fanciful Miyazaki film brought to life.

Saint Michel | © Eric Huybrechts:Flickr

The island squats squarely in the middle of a tidal plain, and is accessible only when waters are low.

Mont Saint-Michel | © Cristian Bortes/Flickr

But its haunting beauty is unmissable, even from a distance.

Saint Michel | © Andrés Nieto Porras/Flickr

The island’s strategic location and formidable fortifications meant it remained unconquered during the Hundred Year’s War – an impressive feat!

Mont Saint-Michel | © Cristian Bortes/Flickr

There is a definite sense of loneliness – or perhaps, peacefulness – out here.

Mont Saint-Michel | © Cristian Bortes/Flickr

The views from the island stretch out for days.

Mont Saint-Michel | © Moyan Brenn/Flickr

It’s hard to grow tired of watching the weather pass and shift over the infinite landscape.

Mont Saint-Michel | © GeorgeDement/Flickr

Or watch the island’s giant shadow dance with the sun.

Mont Saint-Michel | © PATRICK BLEHAUT/Flickr

The medieval village that hugs the island is full of fascination.

Mont Saint-Michel | © GeorgeDement/Flickr

The ancient roofs have more than a lifetime of memories written into their scales!

Mont Saint-Michel | © Cristian Bortes/Flickr

The island is crowned by a striking 12th century Benedictine abbey, dedicated to the archangel Saint Michael.

Mont Saint-Michel | © Cristian Bortes/Flickr

The abbey is designed in the Gothic style, and provides an oasis of peace, reflection and beauty.

Mont Saint-Michel | © Cristian Bortes/Flickr

It’s amazing to think: someone spent their lifetime carving flowers into the stone.

Mont Saint-Michel | © Cristian Bortes/Flickr

Frankly, the whole place is a marvel of construction.

Mont Saint-Michel | © Dennis Jarvis/flickr

Saint-Michel seems to defy gravity itself!

Mont Saint-Michel | © Nicolas Raymond/Flickr

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