The 8 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Bouffay, Nantes

Place Royale – Nantes
Place Royale – Nantes | ©sylaf/Flickr
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During medieval times, the Bouffay district was the heart of Nantes. Over time, the city grew beyond those limits to be the bustling metropolis it is today. Bouffay, however, still retains much of its original character in its timber-frame houses and winding streets. It’s no surprise that this quaint neighborhood is home to some amazing restaurants. Here is a list of some of the ones you simply have to taste for breakfast and brunch when in town.

1. Sophie Bakery

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Léglise Saint-Nicolas depuis la rue Cacault
© Stephane Martin/Flickr
Situated near the Église Sainte Croix, Sophie Bakery is the perfect place to grab a late breakfast after a morning of exploring. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea alongside one of the bakery’s pastries that are baked fresh everyday. The daily selection can include cheesecake, carrot cake, brownies and rice cereal treats. While all those are tasty to the extreme, be sure try the cupcakes as they are rumored to be some of the best in Nantes.

2. L'Atelier des Délices

Cafe, Market, Restaurant, French

Whether it’s a quick breakfast, a Sunday brunch, or lunch with friends, patrons will be very satisfied with all l’Atelier des Délices has to offer. The menu changes daily based on what’s fresh at the local market, so while the selection is unpredictable, it is always unbelievably fresh. Weekend brunch includes smoked salmon salad, roast pork with homemade mayonnaise, Emmental cheese, egg casserole, bacon, pancakes, cottage cheese with herbs, yogurt, a basket of pastries with accompanying spreads, a hot beverage of choice, and juice so you certainly won’t leave hungry.

3. Shefferville Café

Cafe, Sandwich Shop, French, Fast Food, Vegetarian

Minutes away from the Foch Cathedral, Shefferville Café offers visitors to the Bouffay district a little taste of the United States in a cozy dining room that’s often full to bursting point with locals and tourists alike. For breakfast or bunch, patrons can enjoy Shefferville’s selection of omelets, pancakes, and even their favorite breakfast cereal. However, what should not be missed are their overstuffed bagel sandwiches. They are often piled so high with ingredients that trying to eat one is an adventure in itself.

4. Les Fils À Maman

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Upstairs dining room
Courtesy of Les Fils á Maman
Between the Place Royale and the Bouffay district is a playful restaurant dedicated to the wonders of childhood. Les Fils à Maman, opened by school friends Jérémy and Alexandre, features a dining room filled with large communal tables, toys and collages of the owners’ childhoods on the walls, along with playful odes to their mothers on the menu. (One of the items listed on the dessert menu says “I wasn’t kind enough today, I’m not allowed to have dessert”). Brunch at this (big) kid-friendly establishment includes fresh juice, a hot drink, fresh bread, and a main course and dessert of choice.

5. Sugar Blue Café

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Near the Place Royale, Sugar Blue Café entices visitors with the aroma of coffee ground fresh to order. Sourced from several different countries, including Brazil, Ethiopia and Costa Rica, each brew here offers a flavor unique to its origin. Customers can enjoy their coffee as an espresso, latte or cappuccino, while food at Sugar Blue includes a selection of pies, quiches, sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts, changing week to week depending on the availability of ingredients.

6. Vue du Monde

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If deciding on a certain cuisine for brunch seems like an impossible undertaking, check out Vue du Monde, an international bistro in the heart of Bouffay opened by two Bretons who share a love for travel and food. The restaurant offers a choice between five internationally inspired brunches. The American-style ‘BSF’ features a bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion and curried tartare sauce with fried potatoes on the side. The ‘Big Ben,’ on the other hand, is Vue du Monde’s take on a traditional English breakfast, featuring a choice of eggs, bacon or smoked salmon, served with a Provençal tomato, fried potatoes, baked beans, cheese, fruit, a waffle and toast.

7. 92.5° Coffee Shop

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Like Sugar Blue Café, 92,5° Coffee Shop is best known for its unique blend of Ethiopian and Bolivian, 100 per cent Arabica coffee. Noticeably fruity and nutty in flavor, all of this café’s coffee is certified organic and ground hot to preserve its flavor and avoid the bitterness often associated with low quality brews. 92,5° Coffee Shop offers traditional lattes and cappuccinos, but instead, try their caramel latte that comes topped with whipped cream and drizzled with salted caramel.

8. Coffee in Vancouver

Coffee Shop, Coffee

For some of the best hot chocolate in Bouffay complete with a large dose of marshmallows, check out Coffee in Vancouver. This quaint café with a focus on North American specialties is the perfect place to enjoy a quick breakfast before heading out to explore the city. Pair your hot chocolate or Fair Trade coffee with a selection of Coffee in Vancouver’s pastries, which include muffins, cupcakes, cheesecake and pecan pie. Savory bagel sandwiches are also featured on the menu.

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