Experience Canyoning in Corsica

Connect with nature on a thrilling adventure through the mountains of the Mediterranean island on a challenging canyoning trip.

In the mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica lies an epic natural waterpark. The French region is mostly known for its picturesque coastal towns, stunning hiking trails and dense forests, but in the midst of it all lies a string of waterslides down smooth rocky surfaces.

Canyoning through the island will bring thrill seekers face to face with smooth rock faces and torrents of water rushing over the surface. At the end of each slide are luscious emerald green pools of fresh water to swim in.

It’s not all about the waterslides… Check out Corsica’s awesome natural landmarks | © Culture Trip

Canyoning sites

One of the most popular canyoning sites in Corsica is the Cascades de Purcaraccia. The largest slide in this area reaches a height of 40m (131ft).

Other good canyoning destinations in the area include Richiusa, the Verghellu, the Zoicu and the Tavignano.

For any families visiting, the Vecchio and the Zoicu are the most suitable. They offer perfect natural play areas for young ones, while providing a beautiful setting for all the family to enjoy. There are different levels of difficulty for each canyoning area with some perfect for a family day out, so make sure you check online before embarking on an adventure.

It is also a good idea to bring a wetsuit, a helmet and a harness – which you can hire when you book an instructor online. Don’t forget shoes you don’t mind getting wet, too.

How to get there

To get to the creek for canyoning in Cascades de Purcaraccia, you’ll need to follow the steep and narrow footpath for around an hour. Although the hike can be tricky, it is well worth the journey for the epic natural waterslides and stunning views at the end of it.

Canyoning in Corsica is an absolute must for any holidaymaker or traveller visiting the island. It’s the best way to take in the beautiful natural landscape of the area while also having a lot of fun.