The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Kallio, Helsinki

The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Kallio, Helsinki
The Rock of Helsinki, Kallio is the wild and urbanized neighborhood of the metropolis, where bohemian souls meet for a coffee and get lost between the narrow and wavy streets. Dense, laid-back and down-to-earth, the spirits here are permissive and liberal. Let’s see what to do in the area…
Finnish Summer © Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho/Flickr

Worship summer

In Finland, summertime is all important, only occurring for a very short time in Northern parts. The Finnish know this and make the best out of every single day of summer they have, with prolonged outside gatherings, a fascination for walks and talks and the pleasure of just loosing time biking to the beautifully designed streets in Kallio. So, come and join the sun worshippers here when the weather is right!

Hakaniemi Market Hall

Stacked with traditional recipes and treats galore, small vendors gather here to give Kallio its real Finnish vibe. The Hakaniemi Market Hall is one of the most important halls in the city, designed in 1914 by the architect Karl Hård af Segerstad. The industrial building sets the tone of the entire plaza: carefully placed and impeccably produced. Sellers here always come with a smile, while the products range from gems, to natural juices, pickles, fresh fish and plenty, plenty more!
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Kallio Church

Watching from the core of the neighborhood, Kallio Church is a Lutheran religious establishment that shrouds the city’s landscape with its 94-meter tower. Completed in 1912, the long church is made up of red bricks with Finnish granite that gives it the rocky look. An Art Nouveau interior adorns the walls with paintings, decorations, laurel wreaths and Christian symbols galore, making this a real cultural treat of the town.
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Kotiharju public sauna

Attending a spot like Kotiharju is nothing short of a local tradition. The place is suited for groups, families or friends and it has an overall capacity of a dozen bathers. There is an opposite area for the private saunas, where parties of local Fins can often be seen sweating and chatting away. Suited for both women and men, the sauna is an essential part of enjoyment and relaxation in Helsinki!

Kotiharjun Sauna Oy, Åstorgsgatan 1, Helsingfors, Finland, + +358 9 7531535

Made in Kallio

A local selling point for crazy and creative brands specialising in everything hand-crafted, Made in Kallio is a grass-roots initiative of designers and producers that surely beats any souvenir shop in the area. From T-shirts with funny caricatures of Kallio nights, delicious home-baked cookies, coffee and tea, antiques, interior design pieces like pillows, lamps bags and jewellery, shoes, bikes, hammocks, art and much more, there really is somethingfor everyone in this quirky bazaar!

Made in Kallio, Vaasankatu, Finland


A terrific place for amusement and entertainment, Linnanmaki has been a Helsinki fun factory since the 1950s, in total containing 43 ride types for a truly adventurous experience. From helicopters to horse rides, massive cup rides to the classic carousels, dragons, ducks, ninja characters, trains, motorcycles and airplanes, this park is an encyclopaedia of joy that’s just waiting to be explored!

Linnanmaki, Tivolikuja 1, Helsinki, Finland, +358 10 5722200


Sandro started from a petite kiosk; a small business that was turned into a beloved brunch place, suited to Helsinki’s early risers. Open since 1994, Hicham Mountnassir, the current owner, had a cult of the place going on for over a decade, and, back in 2013, decided to combine the small original structure into a unique and charming Moroccan-style brunch joint. Specialities from Fez, Beirut, Marrakesh and Jerusalem adorn the menu, so be ready for a culinary adventure!

Price: Mid
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 7.30 – 12am, Sun 10 – 12am
Watch out for: Duck, fatan or the pulled lamb
Address: Sandro,Tredje linjen 17, Helsingfors, Finland, +358 9 42892317

Good Life Coffee

Good Life Coffee is the perfect combination of a roaster with an excellent bar attached. Completely fascinated about the processes involved in serving strong coffee, the folk at Good Life Coffee make the ultimate baristas. Ironic, honest and delivering exquisite products, the coffee shop allows the full enjoyment of this much-loved black brew. There are also oodles of breakfast treats on the menu.

Price: Mid
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 7.30am – 6pm, Sun 11am – 4pm
Watch out for: Professionally roasted coffee
Address: Good Life Coffee Oy, Tredje linjen 17, Helsingfors, Finland, +358 50 3808961

Kallio Library

Kallio Library is a full-stacked place with books, audio recordings, video, places for work and studying and more. It has been a meeting place for the locals for over a century. Hundreds of events are organized by and for the people every year. It’s a place where locals and visitors alike can dive into a wealth of knowledge. The building was designed byKarl Hård of Segerstad and its construction ended in 1912. It has been renovated on the inside a few times to suit its all-new purpose.

Kallio Library, Viides Iinja 11, Helsinki, Finland

Flea Market

From pots to china porcelain and furniture to jewellery this is where the culture of Kallio goes back a couple of decades but still retains that characteristic alternative charm. While retro objects are aplenty, there are also oodles of antiques and worthy souvenirs to trawl through, so no shopper could possibly leave unsatisfied!
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