Enjoy Your Nap Time at Helsinki Airport Thanks to Sleeping Pods

GoSleep napping pods at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
GoSleep napping pods at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport | | © GoSleep
Paula Hotti

Who doesn’t need a nap from time to time – especially between long flights or during the excruciating waiting period after missing your flight connection? Thanks to Finnish GoSleep pods that offers privacy and silence to ease your mind can be used for less than five euros per hour: time and money well spent taking a nap at Helsinki Airport!

Finland is probably one of the quietest, most peaceful and introvert-friendly countries in the world, so it is no wonder that the Finnish invention, GoSleep pods, which offer a cosy and private nook for napping 24/7, are spreading around the world’s airports.

No more noisy napping at Helsinki Airport.

But the idea of sleeping capsules dates back to the 1970s Japan when Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa designed the futuristic Nakagin Capsule Tower, which was surrounded by over a hundred removable accommodation pods. A few years later, Kurokawa designed the first Capsule Hotel in Osaka for late-working salarymen needing a cheap place to sleep. From Kurokawa’s initial idea, the sleeping capsules have spread across the globe to universities, pop-up nap-bars and airports alike.
The Finnish GoSleep pods are among the most successful sleeping pods in the world, and they can be found in several airports, such as Amsterdam (Concourse D), Dubai (Marhaba Lounges and concourses A and B T3), Abu Dhabi (Gate 35 T3), Tokyo’s Haneda (T1 and T2) and Tallinn (Gate 9 and Nordea Lounge) as well as New York, Belo Horizonte, Beijing and Mumbai – just to mention a few.
At Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the sleek pods can be found at Terminal Two at Gate 31. The hourly charge is 4,50 euros. Inside, passengers (or nappers at this point) will experience a cosy cocoon with a chair that can be converted into a bed. The GoSleep is a perfect spot to relax or have a nap, or, just to chill out, charge electronic equipment and use the airport’s free Wifi access. Hand luggage can be stored safely under the seat, and a breathable sliding shade hides you from fellow travellers’ gaze in perfect solitude.

How to Have a Quick Nap at Helsinki Airport Using Sleeping Pods

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