10 Top Apps Available for Learning Danish

<a href = "https://unsplash.com/photos/m7zKB91brGo"> Girl with mobile | © freestocks.org/Unsplash
<a href = "https://unsplash.com/photos/m7zKB91brGo"> Girl with mobile | © freestocks.org/Unsplash
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20 June 2017

Danish is quite a difficult language with a tricky pronunciation; therefore, most foreigners don’t speak Danish though it’s very likely that they haven’t heard of some of the commonly-used phrases before like in other languages such as Italian or French. So, those wanting to learn at least enough Danish to try to order or ask for directions while in Denmark, don’t forget to check out these 10 apps.

Ia Sprog

IA Sprog (Indvandrernes Aftenskole (Immigrants Night School) was founded in the 1970s in order to help the Turkish immigrants learn the national language while living in Denmark. Nowadays, more than 6,000 foreigners of different ages and ethnicities attend IA Sprog’s classes. There is also an online course that everyone who has completed some university-level education and speaks excellent English can attend. Through the app, users have access to instructional videos and film clips from workplaces, interactive exercises for practicing vocabulary, listening, writing, and reading, and most importantly, sound recordings for pronunciation practice. Moreover, every student has a personal instructor who gives feedback once a week via Skype meetings.


20 million people have downloaded Mondly and so far have learned one of the 33 languages that it offers. Mondly teaches Danish grammar, vocabulary, and phrases through various features and games making the process of learning one of the most difficult languages in Europe an amusing one. What’s special about Mondly is its new feature ‘Voice Chatbot’. Users can now speak to ‘Voice Chatbot’ on their app and a human voice will reply back. Users can practice in conversations and be prepared for the answer they’ll get when they talk with locals.


Duolingo is the most-known app to travelers and expats with 150 million users. It offers courses in more than 20 languages including Danish. What has made this app so popular besides the fact that its platform has a user-friendly interface, it’s fun to use and has great material is the fact that it’s for free for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. The app offers an entry test that learners can check their language skills and based on the results, join the most suitable course.


For those who live in Copenhagen, Studieskolen’s online course could be very helpful. Most of the work is done online but once a week, students must attend a class in order to practice their communication and pronunciation skills. It’s one of the best language schools in the city and many students choose it for learning the national language. Keep in mind that its courses are a bit demanding, but they offer rewarding results.

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With HelloTalk, users don’t have to practice their Danish accent and wonder how a Danish speaker would reply because you can actually chat with one. Download the app, find someone who speaks Danish and wants to learn your language, and start chatting. It’s like an online Tandem. The app’s features help translate what users can’t say or understand. With HelloTalk, users will learn Danish in short time, get some insiders’ tips for a trip in Denmark, and may even make a friend.


Learn how to order a coffee or introduce yourself in Danish with Babbel’s introductory course. It’s easy and users will learn the basic expressions for their travels to Scandinavia in a short time. With the integrated speech recognition tool, students can practice and improve their Danish pronunciation. Those who want to expand their knowledge in vocabulary and grammar should continue up to level three. Babbel is not free, but check out the special offers on the website.


Memrise offers seven different levels that can introduce beginners to the Danish language. In level one, users learn some commonly-used expressions and by the last level, they’ve learned a great amount of vocabulary and grammar. Through various features, learning can become easy and fun and with “Meet the Native” users get the chance to watch videos featuring some of the 20,000 native speakers. Memrise was selected by Google as the overall Best App in the 2017 Google Play Awards.

Innovative Language

500 million lessons have been downloaded from Innovative Language since its founding in 2005. Practice pronunciation through audio lessons and writing skills through the engaging videos with DanishClass101.com. Through the intriguing podcasts and video lessons, users not only learn the language but also gain an insight in Denmark’s culture.


LearnOasis is an ideal app for those who want to learn more than simple phrases and words. The course is separated into three levels: Entry level, LearnOasis Danish, and Danish Pro. Those who manage to finish the last level will receive an Assessment and Certificate of Achievement (Level A2).


With 6,000 words categorized under 140 thematic topics, FunEasyLearn will definitely enrich your Danish vocabulary. Users can hear a word in both normal and slow motion in order to improve pronunciation skills with the speech-recognition feature. Colorful illustrations and special games help users practice what they have learned so far in an amusing way. That’s how, according to users, FunEasyLearn becomes addictive.

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