10 Things You Can Only Buy in Denmark

Shopping |©kaboompics/pixabay
Shopping |©kaboompics/pixabay
There are many things you can take back home from your trip in Denmark to remember your holidays in Scandinavia, but if you’re looking for something unique this guide is for you. We’ve selected 10 items that can only be found in Denmark and will always remind you of the country’s culture.

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen is internationally renowned for its delicate blue and white porcelain products. Its collection has a great variety of plates, mugs, teapots and bowls. The Royal Danish Porcelain factory was founded in 1775 by Queen Juliane Marie and more than 240 years later the porcelain items can be found in almost every house in Denmark.

Teapot, mug and plate from Royal Copenhagen collection © Didriks / Flickr

Vikings Jewelry

Denmark is the perfect destination for those who admire Viking history. The country brims with museums and monuments that exhibit different parts and periods of the fearless warriors’ lives. As jewelry was a big part of their culture, either because it showed wealth or because jewelry was often used to fasten clothes, many museums display original Viking jewelry. Replicas can be found in museum shops as well as in other stores around the country. So, if you want to take a piece of the Scandinavian history with you make sure to check them out.

Big Torc ©dad1_/Flickr

Scandinavian interior design items

It is well known that Denmark has a long history in architecture and design, and some of the most talented and internationally renowned designers of the 20th century were from that small Scandinavian country. Nowadays, there are plenty of talented designers that continue their ancestors’ legacy and Scandinavian design is still at the forefront. All over Denmark and especially in Copenhagen you’ll discover many design stores with stylish items that will add a Scandinavian touch to your place.

Caravaggio BlackBlack pendant P1 by Cecilie Manz ©Lightyears.dk/Flickr


One of the clothing pieces Danes never leave at home is their scarf. Due to the low temperatures and the fact that they bike everywhere, scarves are an invaluable accessory for locals. Therefore, they make sure they are not only practical but fashionable as well. Style is very important to Danes and they won’t allow the cold weather ruin it. Especially, after Henrik Vibskov’s incredible scarf collections, colorful baggy scarfs have become a-must in Denmark. So, keep your eyes peeled at shop windows, especially if you’re visiting the country during the wintertime.

Scarves ©Unknown/Maxpixel

Freetown Christiania souvenirs

Copenhagen is the only city where you can get a souvenir from Freetown Christiania. The flag of the hippie neighborhood is a red banner with three yellow circles, each one representing the dots on the letter “I” in the word Christiania. The colors were chosen because according to the people who occupied the old military base in the 70s, there was a large amount of red and yellow paint in the area at that time. Christiania’s logo is now found on pencils, ashtrays, umbrellas and T-shirts that are sold as souvenirs to the thousand tourists that visit the district every year.

Souvenir shops at Freetown Christiania © Aliki Seferou

Danish Elf: Nisse

Every country has its own Christmas stories that usually talk about elves and magic spirits. In Denmark the mischievous elf that is causing trouble in Christmas is Nisse. He is considered a good elf with a playful mood that enjoys messing around. Therefore, on Christmas Eve some locals leave rice pudding or porridge for him, hoping he’ll be nicer to them. That little guy in the gray woollen clothes, the white clogs and the red bonnet and stockings is on every souvenir’s shop shelves. So, if you like the story make sure to buy one of those cute puppets, because won’t find them in another country.

Nisse © Merete Veian/Flickr


Danes are so obsessed with liquorice it should be named as their national ingredient. They have sweet and salty liquorice and they use it in ice creams, beers, cocktails, candy and many more products. So, in 2007 Johan Bülow thought of making delicious chocolate bites in different tastes but with liquorice as the main ingredient. Ten years later, Lakrids is a great success and the perfect gift for those who want to give a taste of Denmark to their loved ones.

Limited edition LOVE + BIG LOVE ©Lakrids By Johan Bülow/Flickr

Hans Christian Andersen items

At Hans Christian Andersen’s museum at Odense you’ll learn a lot about the famous writer’s journey from childhood to his life at Nyhavn. The museum‘s shop has many miniatures of Andersen’s fairy tales characters as well as replicas of items that the renowned storyteller used during his life. For example, it is known that Andersen used to make beautiful paper cuttings in order to entertain his guests at festive gatherings. In the museum’s shop, visitors will find various Christmas decorations that are now produced by the Danish company, Nordahl Andersen, but are based on these paper cuttings.

Fairy Tales by H.C Andersen ©William Creswell/Flickr

Toms Skildpadde

Toms Skildpadde is one of the most popular chocolates in Denmark. Toms Skildpadde which translates to ‘Toms Turtle’ in English is a chocolate turtle filled with rum, cream and caramel. Since 1948 when first appeared in the Danish market, Toms Skildpadde became locals’ favorite and still is. You can find it in every supermarket in the country. Make sure to take a couple of them back home because you’re definitely going to miss it.

Skildpadde Bar ©Bodo/Flickr

Butter cookies

Everyone is familiar with that blue tin that includes two layers of the delicious Danish Butter cookies. That means that these cookies can be bought in other countries as well, so they actually shouldn’t be included in this list. However, in the past 5o years they are a part of Danes’ culture and are undoubtedly a must-have thing. Plus, in Denmark you’ll find such a great variety of that blue box with different paintings of Denmark’s notable places – so once you’re done with the tasty delicacies you can use it as a decoration item.

Royal Dansk ©Jasmine/Flickr