The 10 Best Restaurants In Šibenik, Croatia

Sibenik from above | © Tomaz Demsar/WikiCommons
Sibenik from above | © Tomaz Demsar/WikiCommons
Photo of Lani Seelinger
9 February 2017

Šibenik is a beautiful town on the Dalmatian Coast. It’s been in existence since at least 1066 and was the first city along the Adriatic Coast founded by Croats. There is a wealth of history to soak up but there are also lots of great restaurants to try, here are our 10 favorites.

Konoba Nostalgia

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Konoba Nostalgija is an intimate restaurant with friendly service and fantastic food. The servers are always happy to make recommendations, but the restaurant’s menu is fairly short and very well thought out, so it’s practically impossible to make a bad choice. This is a great place to have a slow meal, enjoying each course as it comes out. First, there is one of their daily soups, and then a main dish, seafood is unsurprisingly a great choice, making this is a great place to try something new and different, like shark or octopus. Finish everything off with one of their delicious cakes for dessert.


Thanks to Bounty, the food in Šibenik isn’t all Croatian or seafood. Bounty offers one of the best burgers you’ll find on this side of the Atlantic, and sometimes a good burger can go a long way towards making a perfect day. On top of that, they have great coleslaw as a side, and on nice days, you can eat while sitting right on the harbor. Come at sunset to make the most of it. Since you’re in Croatia, you’ll even get local wine recommendations to go with your burger.

Bounty, Obala Prvoboraca 28, Šibenik, Croatia, +385 22 24 449

Konoba Gorica

When you’re looking for a romantic dinner, Konoba Gorica is your spot (you might want to make a reservation, as it’s quite small and cozy). This is another restaurant where the menu isn’t long, which means that you can’t go wrong with any of the dishes. One particular favorite is the stuffed squid, certainly not something you’ll come across every day. If you want to draw out the evening, start with a generous bowl of their delicious olives, and finish it off with some local wine.

Konoba Gorica, Ul. Frane Dismanica 2, Šibenik, Croatia

Stari Grad

You don’t often get to enjoy a night by the ocean, dining on fresh seafood as the sun goes down. Stari Grad, which means ‘old town,’ will make sure that your evening is as perfect as possible. They have a wonderful seafood platter that will give you a great culinary tour through everything the Adriatic has to offer. They also have some of the best pizzas in town if you don’t fancy fish. Get one of their house wines to go along with it.

Stari Grad, Uskocka ul. 2, Šibenik, Croatia


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We can tell you that Pelegrini is generally agreed to be the best restaurant in Šibenik, but don’t just take it from us. They have been voted the best restaurant in the whole region of Dalmatia three times in a row, in addition to winning an award for being the best restaurant in all of Croatia in 2015. Their philosophy is to take local ingredients from Dalmatia and use them to make traditional dishes, but with a modern twist. The atmosphere only complements that, it’s located in a palace.

Vino & Ino

There are few things as satisfying as taking a few hours to enjoy the flavors of local wine, cheese, and cured meat. The servers are experts in the field of Croatian wine, and they’ll be happy to make recommendations about the wine and which cheeses will go with it the best. Don’t come here for a full meal, it’s more of a spot to while away a few hours, soaking up the local wine knowledge and feeling like an honored guest and an old friend at the same time.

VINO & INO, Fausta Vrancica bb, Šibenik, Croatia, +385 91 250 6022


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Tomaseo is the rare sort of restaurant that does everything right. Their pasta dishes, seafood, meat, and risottos are all amazing. They have excellent steaks and other beef dishes, all as fresh and flavorful. Don’t stop there, though, as they have some of the best desserts in the city, and you won’t want to miss them. Try their semifreddo, it’s always refreshing and gets very good reviews. Wine lovers will be happy to know that they also have an extensive wine list, so you could even have something different to go with each course of your meal.

Konoba Dalmatino Šibenik

The first thing you’ll notice about the lovely Konoba Dalmatino Šibenik is its charming interior. You’ll feel very welcome here, the portions are huge, the meals are excellent, the prices are quite reasonable and the you will receive some of the friendliest service around. The food will all be prepared fresh, so don’t come here in a hurry, the seafood dishes are entirely worth the wait, especially the grilled squid.

Konoba Dalmatino Šibenik, Ul. Fra Nikole Ruzica 1, Šibenik Croatia, +385 91 542 4808


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A secluded courtyard restaurant, Tinel will provide you with a peaceful setting to enjoy a quiet meal on your holiday. You’ll love their signature seafood dishes, many of which revolve round octopus, like the octopus salad, or their signature dish, an octopus goulash. They also have meaty Croatian classics like cevapcici, though, if you’re in the mood for something besides fish.

Buffet Simun

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If you’re tired of feeling like a tourist, head over to Buffet Simun to dine with the locals. Whatever time you come, you’ll find this cute little restaurant full of Šibenik natives, all coming for traditional Croatian food. Both their seafood and meat dishes are well prepared and this is a great place to come on a budget. One of their best dishes is the pasticada, a local Dalmatian stewed beef dish.