13 Gorgeous Photos of Croatia’s Coastline

Mljet | © Ian Bancroft/Flickr
Mljet | © Ian Bancroft/Flickr | Ian Bancroft/Flickr
Let’s face it, the reason most people come here, the reason why Croatia is the destination of the moment: its coastline. From Istria right down to Dubrovnik and around a thousand islands, Croatia’s shoreline is stunningly beautiful, lapped by a clear Adriatic and strictly protected from unwanted development. Here we feature 13 of the most stunning views you’re ever likely to see.

Whether it’s Dubrovnik’s iconic white walls, Šibenik’s masterly St James Cathedral or just a secluded beach somewhere in Dalmatia, everything looks awesome when offset by the clear azure of the Adriatic. It’s irresistible – you just want to dive in. Some of these photos have no specific defined location because so much of Croatia’s coast is hard to pin down – turn a corner there’s one beach, head down this pathway, there’s a hidden cove. All there is is you, sky, sea and maybe a deserted island or two. What there isn’t is people or rows of hotels. For once, the marketing people got it right. Croatia really is the Mediterranean as it once was.

Istria Darios/Shutterstock
Brela travelpeter/Shutterstock
Bol, Brač Johan_R/Shutterstock
Makarska Riviera Tupungato/Shutterstock
Dalmatia Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock
Dubrovnik Natalia Bratslavsky/Shutterstock
Dubrovnik Nataliia Budianska/Shutterstock
Southern Croatia nomadFra/Shutterstock
Murter OPIS Zagreb/Shutterstock
Dalmatia paul prescott/Shutterstock
Hvar Evgeniya Moroz/Shutterstock
Croatian Adriatic Darios/Shutterstock
St James Cathedral, Šibenik © Darios / Shutterstock