Through the Doors of Vienna's Most Iconic Coffee House

Outside the historic café | © / Café Prückel
Outside the historic café | © / Café Prückel

For over 100 years, the iconic Café Prückel has been a pillar of the Viennese coffee house movement. Embodying all the traits synonymous with the culture of Viennese coffee drinking, including the imperative tuxedo-clad waiters, the beautifully decorated 1950s-style café was added to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list in November of 2011. Dressed in pastel pink and soft furnishings, the café’s interior wouldn’t look out of place in a Wes Anderson film – take a sneak peek inside.

Sitting proudly on the corner of Stubenring, in the 1st district, the neon lights of the café entice passers-by inside. Opened in 1903, Prückel was first known as Café Lurion and, due to its central location, was a popular stomping ground for Vienna’s creative community, who took advantage of the small stage in the café’s cellar.

The exterior of the famous cafe | © Café Prückel

What Café Prückel looked like back in the day | © Café Prückel

Inside the old Café Prückel | © Café Prückel

Under the instruction of architect Oswald Haerdtl, Café Prückel was completely revamped in the 1950s and redesigned to resemble a treasure trove of the era, with soft pastel colours of pink and green, furniture typical of the mid-century and potted plants dotted around the room.

Café Prückel today | © Vienna Tourist Board

Inside Café Prückel today | © / Café Prückel

Inside Café Prückel today | © / Café Prückel | © / Café Prückel

Inside Café Prückel today | © / Café Prückel

Today, Café Prückel attracts a variety of guests, including both locals and tourists, as well as many students from the Arts College adjacent to the coffee house. The food and drinks served are quintessentially Austrian, and there’s a generously stocked cake fridge featuring all the Viennese favourites, such as apple strudel and sachertorte.

Enjoy coffee or dessert | © Vienna Tourist Board

The café also offers an assortment of cakes and desserts | © Vienna Tourist Board

During the 1980s, the rear wing of the coffee house was restored to its original 1900s style, with an embellished ceiling and lavish decorations, however the front section remained in the classic style of the 1950s.

Inside the bright café interior | © / Café Prückel

Grab a light snack with your coffee | © / Café Prückel | ©

Café Prückel, Stubenring 24, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5126 115