The Best Street Food Stalls in Vienna

Bratwurst | Public Domain / Pixabay
Bratwurst | Public Domain / Pixabay
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15 March 2017

There’s more to Vienna’s culinary scene than Wiener schnitzel and apfelstrudel. The city’s prominent Turkish community has given way to a plethora of food vans opening up, selling falafel sandwiches and kebabs. Wurstel stands are also, of course, ubiquitous. Try these for a cheap and tasty eat.

Wurstelstand Leo

It is sacrilege to discuss street food in Austria without giving sausages a look in. Wurstel stands are almost considered institutions in Vienna, satisfying thousands of commuters and tourists daily with hot, quick snacks to grab on the go. Not your average, run-of-the-mill Würstelstand; this particular stall shines out as the most reputable around and is rumoured to be the longest-running hotdog stand in the city. The only downside is being spoiled for choice with many colourful varieties of Austria’s most devoured meaty snack — some of which pack a satisfying spicy punch. Choose from käsekrainer, bosna, bratwurst, frankfurter or currywurst; there is a sausage to suit everyone. If you arrive feeling particularly ravenous, consider attempting their giant Käsekrainer — although this is not for the faint-hearted.

Döblinger Gürtel 2, 1190 Wien

Berliner Doner

Lengthy queues are common outside this low-key Turkish food stand, however, it’s well worth the wait. Falafel sandwiches made using pita-style bread, wraps (durum in German) or chicken kebabs are on offer — tasty and fresh with a generous salad of crunchy lettuce, cucumber, juicy tomatoes, topped off with a choice of spicy or yogurt sauce. The service is quick and uncomplicated and the prices are low. Accompany with a cold can of beer.

Zieglergasse 33A, 1070 Wien

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Mr Flys

This food van wants to transport you on a culinary journey across the world without leaving Vienna — through the magical medium of sandwiches. Lovingly created using fresh, seasonal ingredients, these creative constructions were inspired by the owner’s travels around the world. A favourite is the CUBANO — a decadent delight combining succulent lime and mint marinated pork, bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles and chipotle sauce. For carb-fearing visitors, salads are also available, including the Superfood Salad; with a lemon pepper dressed fillet of beef among the greenery.


This passionate and straight-talking ‘Guerilla’ food van aren’t shy of blasting bold mottos, proclaiming their ambitions to ‘save the world, wrap for wrap’ with a recurring theme of ‘no bulls***’ running throughout their philosophy. Wrapstars may come across as feisty foodies, but their objective is refreshingly clear and well-meaning; wholesome food without the frills. Rest assured, you will be in good hands if you choose to settle here for lunch. No bulls**** essentially means no product is unethically sourced — their memo is to ‘never use ingredients that your grandmother wouldn’t eat’. Understood. Loud and clear.

Popovweg 8, 1100 Wien

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Maroni Street Stalls

Maroni (or roasted chestnuts to English speakers) are the ultimate winter snack in Vienna. When the Maroni stands, with their open drum fires emitting a comforting Christmassy scent, start cropping up, it’s a surefire sign that the festive season has arrived. Bratkatoffeln (roast potato wedges) are often also on offer. You’ll find them around all the major tourist spots during the winter months.

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