The Best Bars In Graz, Austria

Graz | © Bernd Thaller / Flickr
Graz | © Bernd Thaller / Flickr
Austria‘s second largest city is a student town with a buzzing pace. The historic old town, with its roads, streets, squares and courtyards provides visitors with a lot to explore and even more to enjoy. But Graz’s charm lies in the fact that it’s a gem outside of the center too, complete with plenty of places to explore in areas like Lend and beyond. Just check out these top-quality bars.

Die Scherbe

One of the highlights of your trip to Graz is definitely going to be Die Scherbe. With a modern, yet warm and cosy décor, wooden furniture and a friendly staff, this bar’s atmosphere is always full of energy. The menu is unique and diverse, and the service is quite fast, so consider it for breakfast or brunch as well as a night out. With a proper bar, this is the perfect place for after-dinner drinks or an early evening gathering.

Miles Jazz Bar

Popular among tourists and locals alike, this bar offers live jazz concerts, as well as a very wide choice of jazz CDs, including the latest albums and jazz standards on the market. It doesn’t serve food, which makes it one of the best destinations for a night out with friends. With a selection of over 25 kinds of whiskey, Miles Jazz Bar makes for a great place for lovers of classic malts.

Graz, Austria © Jan Beck/Flickr


If you’re looking for drinks with a side of entertainment, Exil is undoubtedly the best choice. Located in the heart of Lend, this place is a laid-back, albeit smoky alternative bar with outdoor seating and a couple of turntables on weekend nights. Buzzing with energy and some of the best music in Graz, Exil gets busiest at night, when the crowd spills out onto the streets.


Weekends at Postgarage are a principle to live by. If you’re looking to enjoy the alternative party style, this bar is the right location for you. Music such as minimal beats, indie, psytrance or drum and base light up the parties in this two-floor bar located right in the heart of Lend. So if you’re in favour of electronic beats, you will love this place.

Granz © ::Lenz/Flickr

Pierre’s Café-Bar

Pierre’s charm appeals to everyone, young and old. The decor and vibe of the place are incredibly inspiring and cozy, which makes it perfect for the end of a busy day in Graz. At Pierre’s, minimalism meets a crowd of 40-something locals with greying pony tails who watch Queen or Roxette clips on the larger-than-life screen. If you’re into classic rock and drinks, you might just find Pierre’s truly a legendary pub.