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Salzburg's 10 Best Bars To Visit

Salzburg's 10 Best Bars To Visit

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Salzburg, a city almost as busy at night as it is by day, has many different bars to offer. From excellent views over the city to bars built into cliffs, there is ample opportunity to sample the evening atmosphere and enjoy a deliciously refreshing drink.
The view from the terrace © Courtesy of Monkey's Bar
The view from the terrace © Courtesy of Monkey’s Bar

Monkeys Bar

Situated on the Imbergstrasse, a road running between the Kapuzinerberg and the river, this little bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a cool glass of Hugo or a beer on a sunny afternoon, or equally to enjoy the view of Salzburg’s Old Town from across the river at night. With an outside wooden deck area, this is the ultimate people-watching destination. It’s on the more expensive side of the price range, but don’t let that put you off – on a sunny afternoon it’s the place to see and be seen.

Monkeys Bar, Imbergstraße 2A, 5020 Salzburg, +43 0662 876652

Sun – Thurs 11.30-02.00, Fri – Sat 11.30-04.00


For the best view over the Old Town, river Salzach and the surrounding mountains, a trip to Steinterrasse is paramount. Situated on the top floor of the glamorous Hotel Stein, this bar is the epitome of class and elegance, whilst still feeling friendly and welcoming. A clear day is the best time to enjoy the view, but regardless of the weather the indoor bar-come-café is comfortable, modern and provides a unique experience of the city. With a wide choice of spirits, wines and cocktails, there is something for everyone. Just don’t take the stairs unless you want to arrive sweaty and out of breath!

Steinterrasse, Giselakai 3, 5020 Salzburg, +43 (0)662 87 43 46 700

Sun-Thurs 07.00-24.00, Fri – Sat 07.00-01.00


Sternbräu’s Sternlounge

Sternlounge is the newly renovated wine bar connected to Sternbräu, the brewery in the heart of the Old Town. With its floor-length glass facades and elegant leather seating, Sternlounge attracts a huge range of smart guests, all wanting to enjoy a drink in the cultured, stylish atmosphere. All guests are made to feel at home and both the drinks and bar menu are exquisite.

Griesgasse 23, 5020 Salzburg, +43 (0)662 84 21 40

Open daily 09.00-24.00


Also situated along the river and built into the side of the Kapuzinerberg, Watzmann is an up-and-coming trendy bar and club. Known for their ‘Funny Wednesday’ evening, they offer delicious cocktails, wines and local beers. For a casual and relaxed evening outside on the summer terrace, arrive before 11 to make the most of their extended happy hour, but for a night on the town come a little later to experience the newest arrival to Salzburg’s clubbing scene.

Giselakai 17a , 5020 Salzburg 0662 254776

Mon – Wed 20.00-04.00, Thurs – Sun 20.00-05.00


Beffa Bar © Courtesy of Alchemiste
Beffa Bar © Courtesy of Alchemiste

Alchimiste and Beffa Bars

These two bars, situated opposite each other in a quiet street off the Linzergasse, are owned by the same proprietor and both specialize in Belgian and specialist beers, offering over 150 different varieties. They each have slightly different atmospheres: Beffa is a lot more hipster and attracts a younger crowd whereas Alchimiste is a one-room affair with more mixing and smoking going on. Both offer a retreat from real life into a dark and cozy world of beer drinking and it’s not uncommon to see customers flowing between the two bars throughout the night. Highly recommended for beer enthusiasts or for those who enjoy more than just the usual, standard lager.

Alchemiste Belge/Beffa, Bergstrasse, +43 660 46 46 940


Republic Café © Courtesy of Republic Café
Republic Café © Courtesy of Republic Café

Republic Café

This funky place is many things at once: café, bar, club and music venue. There is never a dull moment here, with themed evenings, up-and-coming artists performing and, of course, drinks flowing and people chatting. Republic is a great bar at any time of year, but the pleasant summer weather gives the bar an edge with its street terrace open all day and evening. Situated in the heart of Salzburg’s going-out district, it’s the perfect stepping stone for those wishing to party all night long.

Anton-Neumayr-Platz 2, 5020, Salzburg, +43 662 841613

Mon – Thurs 08.30 – 00.00, Fri – Sat 08.30-04.00, Sun 08.30-00.00


Afro Café

Fresh and original, this cafe-bar is always full of color and buzz and people sipping on delicious long drinks. Following an African theme, this cafe creates a little taste of Africa in each drink created, so you can expect beautifully presented creations overflowing with exotic fruits. With an excellent happy hour offer, this is a great central place to go after a long day. The atmosphere is vibrant but relaxed, and the cheerful decor makes for a very jovial evening out.

Bürgerspitalplatz 5, 5020 Salzburg, +43 0662 844888

Mon – Fri 10.00-24.00, Sat 09.00-24.00

Imlauer Skybar

Another room with a view — less busy than Steinterrasse and with a different, though arguably just as beautiful view over the Bavarian Alps and the northern side of the city, Skybar is the place for a quiet drink at the end of a long day. With attentive but not overbearing staff, this is for people who like their drinks like they like their outfits: sophisticated and smooth.

Rainerstrasse 6-8, 5020 Salzburg +43 662-88 978-666

Mon – Sun 09.00-01.00


What would a list of the best bars in Salzburg be without including at least one of the four Irish pubs available? O’Malley’s has been serving up Guinness (along with many other drinks, of course) to locals and tourists since 1998 and continues to flourish as a meeting point for people from all over the world. Admittedly attracting a lot more tourists than other bars in the city (which can be seen from the sorority graffiti in the bathrooms), this place still has regular locals and nobody is out of place. Good plain booze and great conversations awaits you here.

Rudolfskai 16, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Mon – Sun 20.00-04.00

Jambo World Music Cafe

This places boasts an interesting music collection of over 20,000 songs from genres such as Afro, Latin, Ska, Asian Grooves, Balkan and Tango. Also offering a wide range of organic and fair-trade products, Jambo Cafe is an unusual but rewarding choice of bar. Whether you want a glass of wine, to try a new beer, a tasty cocktail or even just a herbal tea, Jambo Cafe has a drink for you. The bar itself is cozy and colorful, and the staff is always on hand to recommend a drink or have a chat.

Krotachgasse 7, Salzburg, +43 0650 22 71 954

Tues- Sat 19.00 – 02.00