Austrian Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

Tattoo artist at work
Tattoo artist at work | © ilovetattoos / Pixabay
Photo of Culture Trip
2 June 2018

From vegan ‘hand poke’ tattooists to more classic inkers, here is our pick on the best Austrian tattoo artists to keep track of on Instagram.

Handpoked Tattoos (@noctiphobiaxink)

Some inks are made using animal products and recently, there has been a rise of artists who want to use cruelty-free products. The impressively intricate designs of this vegan-friendly ‘hand poke’ Vienna-based tattoo artist, @noctiphobiaxink, are dainty, quirky and expertly etched upon the skin. The unique sketches range from living room furniture pieces to a neatly drawn vintage Nokia phone. Clear black lines and simple everyday objects seem to be a popular subject matter for this talented artist.

Manuel Zellkern (@zellkern)

This impressive artist, Manuel Zellkern, works at the Vienna Electric Tattoo studio – one of the city’s highly recommended inking spots – and covers skin with creative flair. Detailed, carefully drawn spiral patterns appear to be a speciality of his and they are perfectly symmetrical and hypnotising to look at.

start of backpiece

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Dora (@dora.dots)

This Vienna-based artist posts her own work, as well as her personal inspirations, on her Instagram page. She is clearly talented, inking some incredibly detailed portraits onto skin, and has curated some unique designs. If you fancy a tattoo by Dora, head to the Wild Art Factory in the 3rd district of Vienna, where she works.

Anek Tattoo (@anektattoo)

Custom tattoos are this talented tattooist’s speciality. Unusual designs, such as the bold wrist tattoos seen below, make Anek one of the most interesting tattoo artists in Austria. His studio is in the trendy 7th district, Neubau. See here for more of his work.

Sofian Meherzi (@fani_993)

This bumblebee was created by an Austrian artist with the unusual Instagram name, @fani_993. Sofian’s designs feature cute delicate drawings adorned with bursts of colour. The studio he works at, Opus Magnum, is located in the 15th district of Vienna.

Monika, Happy Needles Tattoo (@happyneedlestattoo)

Monika, who inks at the Happy Needles Tattoo studio in the 15th district of Austria’s capital, specialises in coloured tattoos and intricate designs, such as the beautiful piece picture below. Furthermore, she is also an expert in altering designs, so if you have your ex boyfriend or girlfriend’s name on your neck, head here for some clever camouflaging.