6 of Vienna's Best Sausage Stands

Bratwurst in a white roll | © Couleur / Pixabay
Bratwurst in a white roll | © Couleur / Pixabay
Wieners, Käsekrainer, and Bosna have become archetypes of Austrian cuisine. Dotted around Vienna there are countless ‘Wurstelstand’ kiosks – small, understated stands often located outside the U-Bahn stations, where locals stop by on their way home from work for a comforting snack. The sausages come in all shapes and sizes and are made using a variety of meats, with pork and veal being the most popular. Here’s where to find the best sausage stands.

The Bitzinger Sausage Stands

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At a Viennese sausage stand
At a Viennese sausage stand | @ WienTourismus/Peter Rigaudmax. - DIN A3

A well-established chain with a few stands that are open almost 24 hours a day, making it an excellent pit stop for those wanting a midnight snack after a night out in the city. Cheap and cheerful, this kiosk serves all the regular varieties of sausage, Bratwurst and Currywurst, as well as a handful of specialities. Prepare for the possibility of a long queue, however, as this is one of the most sought-after sausage venues in town.

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Kaiserzeit Sausage Stand

This stand has a wonderful menu, with the bonus DIY option of ‘building your own Bratwurst’, where you can pick and choose from various toppings, with options such as Sauerkraut, cheese or bacon. The ‘Coney Island hot dog’ – sausage covered in a meat sauce and onion – is a best seller and highly recommended. American condiments are on tap; drown in mustard, curry sauce or ketchup as you wish.

Augartenbrücke/Obere Donaustraße 1020 Wien

Würstelstand am Hohen Markt

The crowds that this little stall attract on Friday and Saturday nights speak for itself. Extremely generous portions are one of its many assets. ‘The Grillwurst’, served between a soft baguette, dipped in horseradish sauce paired with an Austrian beer, promises not to disappoint.

Hoher Markt 1, 1010 Wien

Wurstelstand Leo

Chopped up into bite-size chunks, with a doorstep slice on rye, gherkins and your favourite condiment, eaten using the simple utensil of a toothpick-style skewer, is the best way to sample sausages at Leo’s. Diners who are feeling indulgent should consider the ‘Käsekrainer’; a sizeable sausage with juicy bits of cheese hidden inside the meat. Side servings available include potato crisps, a simple salad, gherkins, and of course, plenty of sauces.

Döblinger Gürtel 2, 1190 Wien

Hildegard Wurst Deli

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Claiming to serve ‘the real hotdog’, this mobile New Yorker-style van travels around the streets of Vienna – hopping between food festivals and various events. The menu’s variations offer a hot dog tour around the world – pick between Amsterdam, Copenhagen or New York.
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Wiener Würstl

Don’t be deceived, despite its slightly lacklustre appearance, this stand is serious about sausages. It is ideally located in the centre of town, next to the Stephansdom. Here, starving sightseers can get a warm, filling, and authentically Austrian lunch for an inexpensive price. With beer and wine served in a glass, you cannot be accused of lacking in class when dining at this würstelstand.

Seilergasse 1, 1010 Wien

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