19 Things to Do in Vienna in Your 20s

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From all-night techno parties to bustling flea markets, there is plenty of fun to be had in Austria’s capital for 20-somethings.

1. Paddle in the Danube

Natural Feature

Going for a dip in the Danube is the perfect way to refresh in the hotter months. The Danube Island is where Vienna’s younger population tend to gather. Bring your inflatables.

2. MQ

Architectural Landmark

Museumsquartier, Wien, Österreich
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Vienna’s Museum’s Quarter, a 60,000-meter-squared square crammed full of some Vienna’s cultural highlights, is also a great place to chill out when the weather behaves.

3. Visit a sausage stand

Food Truck

Since sausages were recently dubbed “as harmful as cigarettes” by The World Health Organisation, it’s probably best to sample them when you’re young, fit, and/or healthy. Vienna’s Würstlstands are regarded by locals as institutions. Here are some of the best in town.

4. Sample Austrian beer

Architectural Landmark

Stigel, Wieselburger, and Ottakringer are a few of the most popular you’ll see. Try them all. More sophisticated beer lovers should also check out some of the craft beer joints in the city.

5. Hang out outside Karlsplatz

Architectural Landmark

Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria
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This seems to be becoming a favorite spot for young people who drink cans of beer until late outside the dimly lit Baroque church.

6. Explore the 6th District

Architectural Landmark

The up and coming area of Mariahilf is a melting pot of art and culture – full of lesser known bars, galleries, and cafés to check out.

7. Techno

Music Venue

Like its German-speaking cousin Berlin, Vienna loves techno. The city isn’t short of clubs offering evenings featuring primarily electronic music – including the well-established Grelle Forelle.

8. Early bird visit to the Naschmarkt


Naschmarkt, Vienna, Austria
Ian Peezick / Unsplash

Stalls start setting up as early as 4am along the sprawling Naschmarkt, Vienna’s 16th-century flea and food market. If at all intoxicated, you will likely pick up something obscure that you’ll end up treasuring forever.

9. Open House Architecture

Architectural Landmark

Being in your 20s isn’t necessarily all about getting staying up all night and partying. Vienna’s architecture is impressively diverse – from Art Noveau to Brutalist buildings. The Open House event, taking place annually in September, gives you the chance to see inside some ordinarily closed-off establishments, such as the DC Tower – Austria’s tallest skyscraper.

10. Explore the city by bike

Architectural Landmark

Vienna, Austria
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Vienna’s roads are relatively kind to cyclists, with clear pathways and many “city bike” stations dotted around, where you can rent a bicycle cheaply.

11. Get a Borek at the Brunnenmarkt

Market, Turkish

The area around the Brunnenmarkt is one of the most vibrant, multicultural, and lively in all of the city. Indulge in a Spinach Borek and have a gander.

12. Prosecco Bar

Bar, Beer

Glass of bubbly
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Gentrified by art students from the Akademie, this quaint little joint, Café Prosecco-Bar Piccaro, used to be purely a local hangout. Find out what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Go to Akademie Exhibition

A night likely beginning and ending in obscurity and hedonism, the Akademie of Fine Arts end of year show is a great way to discover new art, and, more importantly for some, after parties.

Karaoke at Celeste

Karaoke, similarly to techno parties, chips, and internet dating, gets less and less fun when you pass the age of 30. Do it now and never look back.

Das Kino

If there’s one thing that Vienna isn’t short of – it’s beautiful, historic cinemas. Catch a cult classic or a recent release, or check out some of the film festivals that run throughout the year.


Club Titanic, in the 6th district, has been serving the Viennese population with doses of techno and hedonism since the 1980s. Not for the faint hearted.

Local flea markets

The hustle and bustle of this wonderfully chaotic local market, the Riesenflohmarkt Wienerberg in the 12th district, is probably best experienced when you’re in your 20s because you can engage with the scrums with less chance of injury. There are lots of gems to be found among the junk—get there early to avoid the crowds.

3rd Wave Coffee House

Although Vienna’s traditional coffee houses are bursting full of charm and character, they can be considered a little antiquated by some. There is another kind of culture brewing, sometimes referred as the “3rd wave.” People On Caffeine or Cafe Z are among the names challenging the status quo.

Wander Along Burggasse

The 7th district, Neubau, has long been a stomping ground for Vienna’s creative and young scene, due to the spat of cool cafés, galleries, and thrift stores. Wander along Burggasse to get a taste of the best.

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