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Courtesy of Austrian Tourist Board
Courtesy of Austrian Tourist Board
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11 Epic Places in Salzburg Locals Wish Were Kept Secret

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Updated: 25 July 2017
Salzburg has a delightfully-wonderful blend of natural beauty and unique urban sites throughout the city that entice visitors and locals alike. From outdoor excursions to famous attractions, here are some of the many experiences that Salzburgians might wish to keep under wraps from visitors and tourists and enjoy for themselves.
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Siemens Festspielnächte

Taking place from July until August, this festival puts on daily showings of various concerts—including operas and theatre productions—on a large-scale screen. The films are screened onto a wall in Kapitelplatz (Chapter Square in English)—one of Salzburg’s most spacious and popular-public spaces to see a few of the city’s main sites such as the Cathedral and the city’s fortress. As well as the culture that’s on offer, the festival also offers a culinary feast with stalls serving hot- and cold-Austrian food.

Chapter Square, Salzburg, Austria

Kapitelplatz, Salzburg, the location of the festival | © Bryan Reinhart/Courtesy of Tourismus Salzburg

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St. Sebastian’s Cemetery

Built way back in 1502, this decaying yet elegant burial ground is the resting place of some of Austria’s most revered residents. Although the composer himself isn’t buried here, Mozart’s mother, father, and sister were all buried in this cemetery. Terrifically spooky, the well-manicured grounds are great for exploring and discovering some unique and interesting landmarks.

St. Sebastian’s Cemetery, Linzer G. 41, Salzburg, Austria