The Top 10 Hotels in Guatemala, Central America

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9 February 2017

Hotels in Guatemala offer a rich and varied selection of ways to enjoy your travels. Read Culture Trip’s guide to the best on offer.

View of Lake Atítlan | © Adam Baker / Flickr

Laguna Lodge and Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve

Wedged into the dense greenery of conical guardian volcanoes surrounding Lake Atítlan, Laguna Lodge looks out under the stone and thatch-covered rooftops over jade waters and colorful village homes dotting the spectacular cliff face. Surrounded by natural beauty, the Lodge houses a tranquil Hummingbird spa (hot-stone massage and Maya foot scrubs available) and serves well-crafted, gourmet vegetarian food that will have you questioning your carnivorous habits! Sit lazily overlooking the beauty that surrounds the lodge under chandeliers or relish the warm waters in the outdoor stone-lined garden Jacuzzi. Built in an eco-friendly manner, Laguna Lodge mingles modern luxury with environmentally friendly practices and provides both solitude and excitement.

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Coast of Atítlan | © PDTillman/WikiCommons

Villas Balam Ya

Four luxury villas (B’Alam Ya, Mirador, Bambu, and Jade House) sit beside a hammock-laden gazebo right on the shore of Lake Atítlan. Adorned with contemporary artwork, much of which artist and owner Laurel Jacobson created herself, Villas Balam Ya awaits just 10 minutes from the bustling hub of Panajchel. Find rejuvenation down the curves a cobblestone pathway to your own personal retreat. Each villas hold fully equipped kitchens and an outdoor grilling area for those with a culinary inclination, or savor gourmet meals prepared by a private chef. Enjoy the views out of floor-to-ceiling windows or from the private balconies and decks, swim in the nearby natural hot springs or Jacuzzi, gaze into the flames of the living room fireplace with a stunning view of the lake, or head down romantic dock along the azure waters of Átitlan.

Villa Sumaya

Indulge your inner yogi at this yoga retreat getaway: meditate at the Blue Tiger Temple, relish in the healthy cuisine of Café Sumaya, or take a family stroll through the tropical gardens that wind their way up from the lake. Only accessible by boat, Villa Sumaya sits on the beautiful Lake Atítlan where native Californian Wendy Stauffer, who fell in love with the location, converted this island getaway from a former ranch style 1970s holiday home, imbuing it with a family-friendly low key vibe. Along with amazing hospitality, make full use of the sauna, thatch palapa, hot tubs, and healing hut to come away with rejuvenation for body and soul.

Petén Itza Dock | © Walter Rodriguez / Flickr

La Lancha

Coppola’s latest eco-friendly project, this jungle lodge overlooks the incredible Lake Petén Itzá in close proximity to the wondrous Mayan ruins of Tikal. Following the short trip from Flores, basque in a 2-tiered pool and languid waterfall, sunbathe on the terrace overlooking the lake, wade out to the thatch covered palapa inside the lake, or sip your drink of choice at the rooftop bar or open-sided restaurant that boasts a reworked Italian-Guatemalan menu replete with Coppola’s personal wine menu. A base for exploring both Tikan and Yaxha, schedule a high-quality tour or stay close to take on an adventurous activity amongst the hillside of forestry where La Lancha is perched amongst unique wildlife such as parakeet, howler and spider monkeys. The lodge offers a classy respite with excellent service and atmosphere.

El Remate, Guatemala, +502 7928 8331

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Guatemala City from El Mirador | © Rigostar / WikiCommons

Hotel Vista Real Guatemala

Located just 15 minutes outside the historic downtown district of Guatemala City, Hotel Vista Real is in a private residential neighborhood offering relaxation, safety, and unparalleled hospitality. Vista Real features spacious suites with plush beds, views of Volcanoes Agua and Fuego, on-site restaurant Las Ventanas, a sleek fitness center, a sauna, Jacuzzi, and outdoor swimming pool. Treat yourself to the sumptuous deep-tissue massage or a saunter through the breathtaking outside gardens that hang artfully from the scenic stone archways. In close proximity to Guatemala City’s financial district, this hotel is the ideal respite from travel on a business trip.

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El Convento Antigua | © Fernando Reyes Palencia / Flickr

El Convento Boutique Hotel

In the fashion of the UNESCO protected city of Antigua in which it resides, El Convento mirrors stunning Spanish colonial architecture. This traditional Guatemalan-style hotel, complete with stunning Spanish baroque features including brick-vaulted and domed ceilings, exemplifies the old permeating the new. Minutes from the quiet residential cobblestone main plaza, El Convento is located across from the ruins of the famous 18th century convent: Convento de Capuchinas, and is an ideal base for exploring the cities historic sites, parks, plazas and markets. Many of rooms also have terraces overlooking the cities colonial rooftops and Agua Volcanoes, while others boast private gardens. El Convento’s Restaurant and Lounge also showcases an infusion, but of mouthwatering international cuisine and local spices. Be sure to visit the roof terrace with a piping hot cup of the superb Guatemalan coffee! Replete with candle-lit rooms and hallways, this history-rich spot oozes both charm and romance.

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Ni’tun Reserve and Monkey Eco Tours

Advertized as a space for explorers of nature and culture, the Nitun Reserve lays on the shores of Lake Petén Itzá. Coffee plantation owner turned eco-pioneer, Bernie Mittelstaedt, created this tranquil tree-house-esque private nature reserve with partner Lorena Castillo after launching Monkey Eco-Tours and deciding it would compliment the knowledgeable tours concerning local nature, archaeology and Mayan culture. The huts have hardwood floors, comfortable beds, thatch-style roofs, hummingbird feeders and local textiles just steps away picturesque trails and sight seeing. Not only are they wonderful hosts, but the duo also retained the majority of the 35 hectares purchased, only developing four traditionally built casitas almost out of sight amongst the flourishing jungles and wildlife.

Peten, Guatemala, +502 5201 0759

Las Lagunas National Park | © Aguizzar / WikiCommons

Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel

This beautiful 16-suite hotel was the first in Guatemala to financially support a nature reserve and is situated between five lagoons. Initially a private lodge for a wealthy conservationist, this incredible wooden complex lies in the Guatemalan Petén jungle, overlooking the jade waters of the Quexil lagoon, which tropical rain forest and savanna grasslands border. Las Lagunas itself, not only a mecca for cultural venues (near to Tikal, Uaxactún, Yaxhá), is situated between five lagoons and is home to more than 250 bird species and endangered wildlife. In the middle of the lagoon itself sits Monkey Island, a uniquely exotic land dedicated to the care of howler monkeys. The food almost rivals the sites, as the Shultun restaurant offers up delicious international food to relish post-spa relaxation or chez-lounging in the spectacular lagoon-side infinity pool.

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Panza Verde | © Marina Kuperman Villatoro / Flickr

Mesón Panza Verde

Initially a 20 year old premier restaurant, Mesón Panza Verde transformed into a whimsical hotel with 12 imaginative suites and rooms, an incredible destination restaurant, hand-crafted furnishings, fountain-fed pool, domed ceilings, and private patios adorned with floating water lilies dotted pools. Right off the main plaza, the distinctive Spanish and Cuban interior exudes an atmosphere showcasing Antigua’s rich heritage and wondrous architecture. Colonial elegance meets contemporary vibe, with Cuban antiques, bougainvillea-draped verandas, fanciful spiral staircases, turn-of the century chandeliers, laurel resin patterns, and vintage porcelain tiles. Live music performances run six days a week in the vivacious music salon and the hotel’s very own Panza Verde art gallery offers regular yoga classes, making this Meson Verde the center of Antigua’s social and cultural scene.

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Antigua Arch | © Zack Clark / WikiCommons

Mil Flores Luxury Design Hotel

Designed by the art fanatic, Matilda Geddings Gray, Mil Flores encompasses a block of colonial Spanish renaissance homes. Behind the regal colonial façade, this enigma of the contrasting interior ingeniously utilizes color and quirky furnishings to infuse contemporary design and international artwork in a colonial frame. Complementing the vibrant décor, individually styled suites (such as the Hydrangeas, Roses, or Orchids rooms), include sink-in beds, original artwork, homey fireplaces and private covered patios. Dine at the Mediterranean themed Las Margaritas restaurant, enjoy a romantic evening in the dimly lit den, stroll through the candle lit, gardens, ponder the varied intriguing artwork, or visit the luxurious Blue Spa.

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