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Waves for days | © Tommy Michael BADFish Photography
Waves for days | © Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Stunning Pictures That Prove Costa Rica is a Surfing Lover's Dream

Picture of Jenn Parker
Updated: 6 March 2017
Costa Rica and surfing go hand and hand. With two long coasts dotted with beach breaks, point break, and hidden spots that only work with very specific swell conditions, Costa Rica is a wave haven. If we all play by the rules (as a visitor, it is crucial you respect the locals and abide by the rules of surfing), there are plenty of waves for everyone! So grab a stick and head out for a surf – the waves are calling.
Racy barrels/©Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Racy barrels | © Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Long lines/ Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Long lines | © Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Glassy conditions/Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Glassy conditions | © Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Surfer for life/Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Surfer for life | © Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Young guns/Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Young guns take to the waves | © Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Dreamy last light surfs/Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Dreamy last light surf | © Tommy Michael BADFish Photography

Empty peeler/Chon Fotos

Empty peeler | © Chon Fotos


Doesn’t get much better than this! | © Chon Fotos


High five in the green room | © Chon Fotos

Shade in the backyard/Jenn Parker/Crusty Oldies Surf Social Club

Shade in the backyard | © Crusty Oldies Surf Social Club

Float on/Roman Konigshofer/Flickr

Float on | © Roman Konigshofer / Flickr

Low tide lines/Aerial Media Costa Rica

Low tide lines | Aerial Medica Costa Rica / Flickr

Black magic/T Murphy Photography

Black Magic | © T. Murphy|TMurphy Photography

Get out there/Chuck Andolino/Flickr

Get out there and surf | © Chuck Andolino / Flickr

You could be in that tube/Roman Konigshofer/Flickr

You could be on this wave | © Roman Konigshofer / Flickr

So playful/Ville Hyvonen/Flickr

So playful | © Ville Hyvonen / Flickr

Never miss a sunset/Playa Grande Photography

Never miss a sunset | © Adrian Guevara / Playa Grande Photography

Last wave of the day/Mari and Naissa/Flick

Last wave of the day | © Mari and Naissa / Flickr

Surfer's paradise/Jeff Biege Photography

Surfer’s paradise | © Jeff Biege / Jeff Biege Photography

Solitude at sunset/Roman Konigshofer/Flickr

Solitude at sunset | © Roman Konigshofer / Flickr