A Self-Care Guide to St. Lucia

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©Esposito Photography/Shutterstock
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Us Editorial Team Lead4 August 2017

Seated in the plunge pool outside of my quaint luxury suite in St. Lucia, I found solace in doing nothing without the usual guilt that accompanies it.

New York City has not-so-affectionately dubbed summer 2017 the “summer of hell,” due to a series of horror film-worthy train problems including derailments that forced stranded passengers to walk among rats and roaches through the tunnels of the subway system. And, while I consider myself particularly calm under pressure, even I have found myself triggered by the stresses of my daily commute. Between work, the subways, and a very busy personal life, it’s easy to fold under the weight of it all.

In weak moments, I tweet about it. But in better moments, I search to find a brief escape.

Photo: Nadia Elysse/Culture Trip

Why St. Lucia?

The Caribbean is known for its natural beauty. Ocean breezes and greenery offer an almost perfect contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life.

St. Lucia’s appeal in particular is healing and restorative in nature. From natural sulfur springs and mud baths Soufriere, to entire resorts dedicated to health and wellbeing, it’s an island perfect for those seeking to slow down and recharge.

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Do nothing … in luxury

In her acclaimed book Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert writes about the Italian phrase “Il dolce far niente,” or “the sweetness of doing nothing.”

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Boasting personalized butler service, all-inclusive food and beverages, private plunge pools outside each suite, and in-room spa and beauty treatments, Serenity at Coconut Bay is the perfect remedy for the stresses of your day-to-day. It’s an adults-only private resort, with sophisticated, minimalistic design that seems to take into account that many who travel to the island do so to disconnect. The resort offers the luxury of a five-star hotel, with little attentive things like a private hammock, views of the surrounding hills and blue skies, and tons of strategically placed greenery to remind you that you are indeed on an island brimming with natural beauty.

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Most importantly, at Serenity and luxury resorts like it, you don’t have to lift a finger unless you really want to. When traveling for self-care in St. Lucia, be sure to choose a place to stay that takes both your comfort and also a bit of what the island has to offer into account.

© Nadia Elysse/Culture Trip

Yoga and meditation with a view

Whether doing it on your own or with an instructor, St. Lucia’s yoga views are a welcomed change from the towering grey buildings of New York City. You can meditate along a beautiful, white sand beach before dawn, then watch the sun rise over the Piton mountains.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can climb Petit Piton mountain (which I’ve heard is a 2-3 hour trek for inexperienced hikers) and attempt a triangle pose atop the green, green mountain with views of all of St. Lucia and its surrounding islands.

Photo: Pixabay/Public Domain

Gros Piton and Petit Piton Mountains

Whether you think so or not, exploring the local culture, tasting the local food, and taking in the local sights is, too, a form of self-care. The Gros Piton and Petit Piton Mountains are St. Lucia’s most well-known and treasured attractions. Ask any local on the island and they’re happy to tell you where to get the best view.

The Pitons are a must-see for anyone who visits the island (and they do not disappoint). I’m told the best view is from the ocean, where many resorts (including Serenity at Coconut Bay) offer sea excursions that allow you to see Gros Piton and Petit Piton together against the blue of both the ocean and the sky.


Special thanks to Serenity at Coconut Bay for an amazing stay.

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