The Best Hotels And Resorts In Negril, Jamaica

The Best Hotels And Resorts In Negril, Jamaica
Over a million tourists visit Jamaica annually and many of them head for the beautiful town of Negril on Jamaica’s west coast. Year-round sunshine, a stunning coastline and crystal clear waters continuously bring in the crowds in this little town. Casual laid back vibes, reggae beats and breathtaking sunsets create the perfect vacation atmosphere. The ambitiously named Seven Mile Beach, which is actually just over four miles long, hosts a range of family and all-inclusive hotels. Head further south to the Cliffs area of the West End to discover some of the best restaurants and most luxurious boutique hotels and resorts in the Caribbean.

The Caves

This clifftop paradise is the perfect combination of rustic charm and contemporary glamor. Situated at the southern end of town, the brightly colored cottages of this property have steps leading down to the caves after which the hotel is named. Concealed platforms provide a unique dining location with fantastic views, and the restaurant serves delicious Caribbean food with a local twist. The candlelit coral staircase that leads down through the volcanic cliffs to the water’s edge is a novel way to reach the Blackwell Rum Bar, which just happens to be ideal for watching the sunset with a cocktail.

The Rockhouse

One of Negril’s most luxurious hotels, The Rockhouse, offers a world-class spa, elegant dark wood furniture and crisp linen bedding. Exquisite dining and unspoiled sea views make this a popular favorite of international celebrities. The cliff edge is quite captivating; periodic diving platforms entice the brave and thrill spectators. Ladders and steps offer a more sedate route to the clear blue water, which is ideal for snorkeling and diving. The yoga classes help to keep guests zen, not that any help is needed with these spectacular views.

Country Country Beach Cottage

Negril isn’t all clifftop properties; the beach is the best in Jamaica and has some outstanding options, too. The nicest of the independent hotels is Country Country, where modern gingerbread cottages in muted colors sit on a strip running down to a new pool, restaurant and bar. The view over the beach is magical and offers great sunsets, and direct beach access means footwear is not necessary for a stay at this charming property.

Sunrise Club

A stone’s throw from the beach, it’s hard to not feel instantly relaxed in this small but charming property. The inexpensive and rustic Sunrise Club Hotel doesn’t aim to compete with the all-inclusive hotels and resorts gradually taking over this little bit of Jamaica; instead, it offers a discreet option for those wishing to escape it all. The property has a limited number of rooms, all tucked away behind tall palms. Owned and run by Italians who fell in love with Negril back in the 1990s and never left, the restaurant serves the best Italian food in Jamaica.

The SPA Retreat

These 18 beautiful handcrafted stone cottages, located on the West End Cliffs of Negril, offer island-inspired luxury. Two acres of prime oceanfront property includes beach and cliffs — the best of both worlds in Negril. This adults-only hotel is set in beautiful tropical gardens and has a refreshing seawater pool in which to cool off. The cliff-side restaurant provides an unforgettable, candle-lit, romantic dining experience. The luxury day spa is popular with guests and visitors; cabanas with uninterrupted sea views can be booked for massages and treatments — what better way to enjoy the Caribbean?