10 Middle Eastern Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow

Makeup and beauty trends are huge in the Middle East
Makeup and beauty trends are huge in the Middle East | © Robbie Sproule / Flickr
Jessica Harn

From being one of the birthplaces of modern perfume to its exceptional milk baths and perfumed oils, the Middle East has long been known for its love and knowledge of beauty secrets. Today, this region boasts some of the hottest beauty bloggers in the world who share things ranging from old recipes of do-it-yourself face masks to information on groundbreaking brands in makeup and skin care. Here are the top 10 bloggers you have to follow.

Huda Beauty

Easily one of the most well known beauty bloggers in the world, and now based in Dubai, Huda Kattan has built herself an empire that is literally followed by millions. Keep up to date with skin care, makeup styles, and beauty tutorials. You will get addicted to her bubbly personality for sure.


Mona Kattan

Sister of the famous Huda Kattan, Mona now has her own salon in the heart of Dubai and is becoming one of the most loved bloggers in the Middle East. Follow Mona on social media to keep up with the best advice on skin care, beauty, and healthy living.


Dalal AlDoub

This Kuwaiti hijabi is empowering women and makeup lovers across the world with her stunning makeup tutorials and fashion blogs. She focuses on giving confidence to women, which makes her even more adored by her fans.


Sondos Alqattan

One of the most popular online sensations in the Middle East, Sondos is from Kuwait and focuses on makeup tutorials and styles that fit each person’s uniqueness and face shape. Follow her on almost any social media platform and get mesmerized by her beauty and confidence!


Fouz Alfahad

Based in Kuwait and known for collaborating with celebrities like the Kardashians, Fouz is one of the most sought-after makeup artists. She even has a do-it-yourself homemade shampoo recipe that she has graciously made public to all of her followers.


Ahmad and Ascia, The Hybrids

Going by the name of ‘The Hybrids’ because of their inter-cultural marriage, these two may well be the most fashionable couple in the Middle East! Keep up to date with this dynamic duo for the best advice on fashion and beauty.


Hanadi Diab

Hailing from Lebanon, Hanadi is one of the best makeup bloggers out there and she focuses on facial contouring. Follow her on social media to keep up with the hottest trends in makeup.


Tala Samman, My Fashion Diary

Based in Dubai, you can count on Tala to always be up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and inspire you to clean out your closet for a fresh new look! She also has amazing skin care tutorials and advice. You will get addicted to keeping up with her.


Najla Kaddour

Having worked with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Najla has become a true expert and is a sought-after makeup artist based in Dubai. With all the secrets and access to the coolest celebrity trends, it’s easy to see why Najla has such a large following.


Nilo Haq

Founder of Saudi Beauty Blog, Nilo is one of the most loved beauty bloggers not only in Saudi Arabia but in the entire region as well. Covering everything from hair care and skin care tutorials to makeup brands, you will literally find all you need on Nilo’s blog and social media!


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