The 7 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Istanbul

Falafel | © Bengin Ahmad
Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

The vegan diet has made its mark in Istanbul and there’s an increasing number of great restaurants to choose from. Some of those on our list are not strictly vegan, though they do offer delicious vegan friendly options, while others are vegan-only and quite strict in terms of their dishes.

1. Galata Kitchen

Restaurant, Turkish, Vegan

Founded by two mothers who wanted to cook delicious homemade Turkish meals for Istanbul’s urban dwellers, Galata Kitchen’s menu is down-to-earth in every sense of the word. There’s also plenty for vegans on the daily menu such as red beet stew, celery with pineapple, or eggplant with basil and tomato sauce.

2. Klemuri Restaurant

Restaurant, Mediterranean, Vegan

Focused solely on Mediterranean cuisine, Klemuri has plenty of options for vegans owing to their focus on fresh vegetables. On the menu you’ll find a green dot next to the vegan friendly options, which include mung bean salad, stuffed dried eggplant, hummus with tahini, and stuffed grape leaves.

3. Datlı Maya

Restaurant, Turkish, Vegan

A very Anatolian restaurant with a bohemian flair, Datlı Maya is known for its lahmacun (which is not very vegan friendly) but the menu does have its vegan version for almost every dish. Wholewheat pide with beetroot and Jerusalem artichoke puree with garlic porcini mushroom, rucola and black truffle oil; a vegan lahmacun with beetroot and apple puree with garlic cooked porcini mushroom, rucola; and a vegan wrap with sun dried tomatoes, olives, mung bean sprouts, and pomegranate molasses, are just some of the excellent options.

4. Kikero Falafel

Restaurant, Vegan, Fast Food, Turkish, Middle Eastern

Falafel is always a great option for vegans and Kikero Falafel makes some of the best in Istanbul. Choose the classic falafel dürüm with humus, salad, tomatoes, onions, and tahini, or pesto falafel with homemade pesto sauce and grilled zucchini and eggplant. The mousakka and tabbouleh are also delicious sides and are vegan friendly as well as delicious.

5. Zencefil Restaurant

Restaurant, Turkish, Vegan

Certainly one of Istanbul’s favorite vegetarian restaurants, Zencefil’s daily menu also takes the vegan diet into consideration. You can choose from dishes such as lentil patties, stuffed dried eggplant, or okra with chickpeas among many more. Their homemade lemonade also comes highly recommended.

6. Saf Kitchen

Cafe, Contemporary, Vegan

Among the delicious options at Saf Kitchen are healthy raw vegan based dishes such as vegan burgers, falafel wrap, Thai salad, and quinoa salad. They also serve juices such as the Brain Boost with basil, turmeric, coconut milk, cucumber, orange, and jalapeno.

7. Jüs Istanbul

Bar, Juice Bar, Contemporary, Vegan, Healthy

One of Istanbul’s foremost juice cleanse experts, Jüs Istanbul has delicious cold pressed varieties such as Morning Glory with orange, grapefruit, carrot, turmeric, cayenne, and ginger. Jüs also has food detox programs that include granola and hazelnut milk, chia pudding, and a raw salad. Order online or drop by their lovely store in Cihangir for an instant healthy and vegan friendly boost.

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