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Fashion in Turkey
Fashion in Turkey | Pexels
Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

It’s no lie that fashion is a big deal in Turkey’s cosmopolitan cities. From local designers to international brands, Turkish fashion bloggers like to mix it up to create their own unique style as well as write about/photograph it effusively. Here are 10 of the most stylish blogging icons right now.

Nil Ertürk

One of Istanbul’s most popular fashion bloggers, Nil Ertürk also works as a digital brand consultant and is the co-founder of the very hip Scandinavian-inspired menswear boutique Bey Karaköy. Her style, which favors a more natural approach, has garnered her quite a following.

Alara Kap

It’s pretty rare that an Istanbul socialite can be down to earth, but fashion blogger and director of Based Istanbul magazine Alara Kap has managed to keep it real. Her eccentric outfits posted regularly on her blog, Étrangères Insights, and her fashionably aware Instagram account have made her an influencer to be reckoned with.

Billur Saatçi

We’re glad that Billur Saatçi gave up her corporate gig to dedicate herself full-time to her fashion blog, off ne giysem. Her effortless and casually glorious outfits are inspiring for every woman who has spent inordinate amounts of time standing in front of her closet in total despair. Make sure to follow Billur’s Instagram feed, where she shares glimpses into her daily life.

Ufuk Onur Tapan

Founder of the blog Nice Things for Nice Boys, Ufuk Onur Tapan is all about a specific kind of sophisticated men’s style. His followers appreciate his frequent Instagram updates from all around the world as well as his too-cool-for-school outfit choices.

Can Direkli

Another male contender in the fashion world, Can Direkli is Istanbul’s favorite mustachioed hipster with a whimsical sense of style. Horn-rimmed glasses, colorful socks, cool sneakers, and plenty of posing have inspired a loyal following on his blog, Daily Dose of Can Direkli, and Instagram feed.

Meriç Küçük

The woman behind the very popular and professional fashion and beauty blog Maritsa is Meriç Küçük, quite a stylish lady who could have probably had a career in modeling. We’re also quite fond of the fact that Küçük has managed to make pregnancy look stylish.

Gamze Biran

Apart from being a successful fashion blogger, Gamze Biran also works as a travel writer for Sabah newspaper. Her motto, “eat well, travel often, dress neatly,” is reflected in her blog, where a colorful and unique style comes together with city guides and restaurant tips.

Icon Jane

Ferhan Talib has been a star in the Turkish fashion blogger world since 2009 when she hit the scene with her blog, Icon Jane. Having given up her job as a marketing manager, Talib dedicated herself to her often quirky style, which she posts as daily outfits on her popular blog.

Buse Terim

Before she made a name for herself in the fashion blog industry, Buse Terim was already quite well known as the daughter of famous football manager Fatih Terim. Her blog is a pretty thoroughly developed with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment sections. And with 1.4 million Instagram followers, Terim has already made it big on her own terms.

Rana Demir

Both a freelance stylist and mother, Rana Demir is one of the newest and most popular additions to Turkey’s fashion blog world. Always playing with fashion’s most luxurious details, Demir’s blog is full of professional-grade fashion shoots that might as well be in a magazine spread.

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