The Best Cafes in Taipei's Daan District

© Jie Genge
© Jie Genge | © Jie Genge
Ciaran McEneaney

Daan is known as one of the coolest neighborhoods in Taipei. Not only is there an amazing park and plenty of places to grab a bite or a late night drink, but there are also an incredible number of cafes in the area. From places that specialize in tea to the perfect spot for a sandwich, here are the best cafes this great neighborhood has to offer.

1. Wistaria Tea House

Tea Room, Tea , Coffee, Vegetarian, Street Food, Taiwanese

Wistaria Tea House, Da’an District
© Wistaria Tea House

Enjoy refreshing tea in this lovingly restored and well-maintained Japanese Era wooden house. It’s like stepping back to the 1920s in this designated historic site complete with period furnishings and decor throughout. Choose to sit at the tables and chairs to the front of the house or on the tatami mats with pillows at the back. The menu is more tea focused and customers get the opportunity to learn how to brew their own tea correctly. This is the kind of place you could spend an entire afternoon in.

2. 1117一起Cafe

Cafe, Coffee, Tea , Vegetarian, Street Food, Taiwanese

1117一起Cafe, Da’an District
© 1117ㄧ起Cafe

A cozy little cafe that looks quite small from the outside but which is deceptively spacious on the inside. They serve up some fine coffees alongside typical coffee shop light meals which all can be enjoyed on the big tables that offer plenty of work space. If you’re not working then it’s a great place to read as the music is relaxing and the pillows on the seats are comfy.

3. Oromo Cafe

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Coffee, Tea , Taiwanese, Vegetarian

Oromo Cafe 敦南店, Da’an District
© Oromo Cafe

There are a few Oromo Cafes located throughout the city but this particular one in Daan has a regular clientele that will drink their coffee nowhere else. The staff are extremely friendly and are more than willing to suggest something from the extensive menu. Seating is pretty good here too with the option of sitting outdoors or further inside where the AC keeps things much more comfortable in the heat of Taipei.

4. Pica Pica Café

Cafe, Taiwanese, Coffee, Tea , Vegetarian, Street Food

Sweet treats
@ Pica Pica Cafe © bryan / Flickr

This quiet little coffee shop near National Taiwan University is a popular location for both students and professionals looking to get a bit of work done on their break. The Wi-Fi is exceptionally good and, more importantly, so too are the coffee and the delicious sweet treats. There are plenty of power outlets to hook up to and it’s not too difficult to find a seat at any time during the day.

5. Cafe Tabby

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Coffee, Tea , Vegetarian, Street Food, Taiwanese

Octopus @ Cafe Tabby
© Cafe Tabby

The aptly named Cafe Tabby has three house cats that patrol the coffee shop throughout the day allowing customers to spend some quality time with feline friends. The owner keeps the menu simple, but it’s incredibly effective with many customers finding the pudding and other desserts the perfect complement to their afternoon latte.

6. Jie Genge

Sandwich Shop, Fast Food, Street Food, Taiwanese, Vegetarian, Coffee, Tea

桔梗三明治 JIE GENGE, Section 3, Xinyi Road
© Jie Genge

Come for the coffee but stay for the sandwiches. The menu includes everything you can imagine from seafood sandwiches to pork belly and all are freshly made on the spot. It’s a great lunch or brunch place but it closes in the late afternoon so make sure you get there early.

7. Wakin' Up Cafe Apartment

Coffee Shop, Coffee, Tea , Taiwanese, Vegetarian

自然醒咖啡公寓, Da’an District
© Wakin' Up Cafe

This eclectic little place is full of vintage toys, books, comics, and knick knacks that set it apart from the many modern-style coffee shops of the city. It’s got that hipster vibe but at the same time, it doesn’t take itself to seriously. The coffees are great and not too pricey with the Matcha Latte one of the must-haves on the menu.

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