The 7 Best Budget Places to Stay in Taichung, Taiwan

T-Life Hostel | Courtesy of
T-Life Hostel | Courtesy of
Photo of Ciaran McEneaney
9 November 2017

As one of Taiwan’s most popular tourist destinations and the perfect stop off point before a trip to Sun Moon Lake, Taichung boasts a huge range of hotels, guest houses, and hostels. But when you’re traveling on a budget, where are the best places to stay? Well, here are seven of the best and most affordable places that offer budget accommodation in the city.

Love I

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Love I double room
Love I double room | Courtesy of
Located just a short 4-minute walk from Fengchia Night Market, Love I is the ideal base for the budget traveler who wants to wander the stalls of Taichung’s most famous market. This small hotel has nicely decorated private rooms of varying size all of which are pretty cozy and have their own private bathroom. There’s also a communal area where you can relax on futons and watch a bit of TV.

T-Life Hostel

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Communal living at T-Life
Communal living at T-Life | Courtesy of
With a shared kitchen and a welcoming atmosphere, T-Life Hostel is the kind of place to stay if you’re looking to meet fellow travelers and make some new friends. They make a real effort at this place to get people talking to each other and the staff are super helpful when it comes to local tourist information. The rooms are basic yet very clean and you’re only a short walk from Tunghai Villa Night Market. There are also plenty of public transport links within easy walking distance.

Lane 62 Hostel

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A relaxing vibe at Lane 62
A relaxing vibe at Lane 62 | Courtesy of
Located in an old apartment building with exposed brick walls, Lane 62 Hostel is one of the most laid back places you’ll find in Taichung. There are mixed dorms and one for females only and a nice communal area with a lounge, plus a fully equipped kitchen. You can also book private rooms at this hostel which is just a short twelve-minute walk from Tunghai Villa Night Market.

Kiwi Express Hotel

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A little privacy and comfort at Kiwi Express
A little privacy and comfort at Kiwi Express | Courtesy of
There are several of these budget hotels located throughout the city but the one that guests keep raving about is the Taichung Station Branch II hotel. Just steps from the main station Kiwi Express Hotel-Taichung Station Branch II is a modern, small hotel that features both shared and private accommodation. Stay at this place and you get a locker that you can put all your valuables in while you’re out seeing the sights of Taichung. There’s also a self service laundry room and a lounge area with bean bags and futons.

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  • Park Hostel

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    Plenty of dining space at Park Hostel
    Plenty of dining space at Park Hostel | Courtesy of
    Centrally located and affordable, it’s no surprise that Park Hostel is quite the popular place to stay in Taichung. Only a short walk from local shopping malls and the National Theater, this place is also the perfect for those visiting the National Museum of Natural Science and the Botanical Gardens. It’s a nice secure hostel with a good communal kitchen and comfortable beds with good storage space.

    Yizhong Loft Hostel

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    Cozy rooms at Loft Hostel
    Cozy rooms at Loft Hostel | Courtesy of
    Just a short walk from Taichung Confucius Temple, Yizhong Loft Hostel is right in the heart of one of Taichung’s most notable shopping and dining districts. There are tons of places to eat right on your doorstep and plenty of public transport links too. The hostel itself provides rooms that are more like those of a small hotel than a hostel so it’s actually great value for money.

    Tomer Hostel

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    Stylish comfort at Tomer
    Stylish comfort at Tomer | Courtesy of
    Only a ten-minute walk from the sights and sounds of Fengchia Night Market, Tomer Hostel is a quiet place with incredibly stylish private rooms and a central courtyard shared with residents of the building. If you’re looking for comfort and privacy then look no further than this place as the rooms are set up like mini-apartments with staff leaving you to your own devices throughout your stay.