The 10 Best Restaurants on Pangkor Island, Malaysia

One of the best attractions in Malaysia is the choices of food
One of the best attractions in Malaysia is the choices of food | © szefei/Shutterstock
Michelle Leong

It’s no Penang, but Pangkor’s cuisine will still surprise you with its flavorful mastery of fresh seafood and local spices. If you’re visiting Pangkor for the first time, we’ll show you where to get your tummy’s fill.

1. Daddy's Cafe

Cafe, Malaysian, European

Daddys Cafe Pangkor
© Daddy's Cafe

A favorite of locals and tourists alike, this cafe sets a new benchmark for Pangkor’s cuisine. Food here is an easy mix of Asian and European delicacies, with generous portions. The seafood and mango salads are delightfully refreshing, and the Lentil Dahl Curry will make you realize that great curry doesn’t have to be spicy.

2. Chao Sheng Seafood Restaurant, Pangkor

Restaurant, Asian

Chao Sheng Restaurant
© Chao Sheng Seafood Restaurant

From oyster omelets to egg-floss buttered prawn (yum!), soy-sauce steamed fish to crispy deep-fried squid, Chao Sheng boasts some of the freshest seafood delicacies on the island. Food is reasonably priced here, so you can get your fill for RM 20 ($5) per pax. And if you miss your Guinness, you can find it here.

3. Nipah Deli, Pangkor

Restaurant, Malaysian

Nipah Deli
© Nipah Deli Steamboat & Noodle House

Here’s an idea: Cook your own food and pay for it. If that sounds like a hard sell, maybe the variety of dishes will soften the blow — you get to choose your meat, fish, and vegetables to go with the hotpot, and there are other dishes on the menu that don’t require your own cooking. The best beverage here is the fresh coconut. For dessert, the banana fritters are a warm, crispy-on-the-outside, mushy-on-the-inside delight.

4. Chef Makbul Kitchen, Pangkor

Restaurant, Malaysian

This humble, no-frills eatery probably has the best ikan siakap (baramundi) dish in town, cooked with tomatoes, onions, and ginger. For sides, the buttered shrimp makes for a creamy, delectable complement, and the stir-fried kailan (Chinese kale) offers a healthy balance to your oil-heavy meal. If you can stomach the carbs, go for the nasi goreng kampung (Kampung fried rice), always a staple for the locals. There’s no alcohol here, but you can BYOB.

5. Feast Village, Pangkor

Restaurant, Malaysian

Feast Village Pangkor Laut Resort
© Pangkor Laut Resort

Part of the prestigious Pangkor Laut Resort, this upscale dining experience can be found on “the other island,” otherwise formally known as “Pangkor Laut Island.” It features a patisserie, café, chef’s table, and wine cellar, and is probably the only place in town that serves Sauvignon Blanc. Elegant and relaxed, dinnertime is a dimly-lit affair with flavorful Malay cuisine and local delicacies, including fresh fish cooked with bird’s eye chillis and deep fried calamari. Perfect for honeymooners and anniversary-ers.

6. Chapman's Bar, Pangkor

Bar, Malaysian

satay malaysia
© szefei/Shutterstock

Named after a famous British Colonel who escaped occupied Malaya in World War II, Chapman’s Bar serves delightful Asian and European cuisine, including satay, couscous, salads, and — the local’s favorite — fried prawn noodles. This is situated on Emerald Bay, so if you like people-watching, there’ll be lots of them coming in after their water activities.

7. Restaurant Pasir Bogak, Pangkor

Restaurant, Malaysian

© inewsfoto / Shutterstock

Did you think that squid and egg yolks could never go together? Think again. This restaurant has perfectly balanced the rubbery texture of fresh squid with salted egg yolk, and the end result is a surprisingly tasty, juicy treat. While you’re at it, try the sizzling fried fish, too — it arrives on a hotplate and will sizzle your tastebuds all the way to heaven. It’s so popular here that you may have to wait to be seated, but if you can soldier through that, your tastebuds will be rewarded.

8. Uncle Lim's Kitchen, Pangkor

Restaurant, Malaysian

Uncle Lims Kitchen Pangkor Laut Resort
© Pangkor Laut Resort

Is there a better way to retire from a day in the sun than with luscious Nyonya-plus-Hockchew food? If there is, we haven’t heard of it. Classics like beef rendang, duck spring roll, fish maw soup, and orange peel chicken are staples at this restaurant, which overlooks the gorgeous Pangkor shores. Named after Chef Lim, who has been with the restaurant since inception, you may also find him making an appearance and saying hello to mortals.

9. Pangkor Kopitiam, Pangkor

Restaurant, Malaysian

© getcloser / Shutterstock

Located at the jetty, Pangkor Kopitiam is a must-go for people who enjoy the sound of ferries pulling into dock. We recommend the curry noodles, if it’s your first time, as well as the nasi goreng paprik (paprika fried rice). This place is kopitiam-style, so don’t expect a fine dining experience. But if you’ve gotten over that, you’ll enjoy this place as good as any.

10. No 7 Nipah Beach, Pangkor

Restaurant, Malaysian

© lovelypeace / Shutterstock

Fresh fruit juices, spicy prawns, crispy squid, oyster omelets, and stir-fried vegetables — could you ask for more? Presentation may not be Michelin-starred, but the food is worth your change. It’s right next to the beach, so if you get in at the right time, you can even catch the sunset while you feast!

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