The 10 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Monsta Cafe
Monsta Cafe | © Monsta Cafe
Photo of Michelle Leong
1 May 2018

If you’re wondering why half of Singapore (okay, we’re kidding, but it is a popular area) lives in Johor, it’s because of the curry laksa, the flats (the buildings, not the shoes), and, of course, the cafes.


Cafe, Cat and Dog Cafe, American, Asian, $$$
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Interior of CATS Cafe
CATS Cafe | © CATS Cafe

Play and purr while the baristas do the pouring. At this cafe, when the cats come a’calling, you come a’feeding — at a small fee of RM1 ($0.25) per packet of cat food. Don’t worry, your own tummy will be served, too. A variety of American and local cuisine is offered, plus milkshakes and dessert.

The Brew Orchestra

Cafe, Malaysian, Fusion, $$$
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Dessert at The Brew Orchestra
The Brew Orchestra | © The Brew Orchestra

If you want to waffle on about something, waffle about the waffles here. The classic option features caramelized bacon and ice cream on crispy, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness, and you’ll feel like maybe it’s okay to sin once in a while. They serve breakfast from 8.30 a.m., and the coffee’s smooth, too.

My Liberica Coffee

Cafe, American, $$$
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My Liberica Coffee waffle and latter
My Liberica Coffee waffle and latte | © My Liberica Coffee

With a coffee plantation and processing mill, how could My Liberica’s coffee be anything short of amazing? Espressos here are full-bodied, rich, complex, and nearly always filled with perfect crema. They also serve waffles, sandwiches, and toast.

Big Bites Cafe

Cafe, Fusion, Asian
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Big Bites Cafe mille crepe cake
Big Bites Cafe | © Big Bites Cafe

This low-profile cafe is easy to miss if you’re only in town for banana cake, but miss it you mustn’t, because once you’ve had their mille crepe, you’ll be experiencing millennial-style fireworks (figuratively). Their mille crepe cakes come in a variety of flavors: durian, matcha, rainbow, Mao Shan Wang, etc. You’ll be skipping the bakery for this cafe in no time.

Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café

Cafe, Asian, $$$
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Coffee at Chaiwalla and Co. Container Cafe
Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café | © Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café

If you like it hot and cold, it’s time to drop by this quirky rustic-style container cafe for a warm latte and an iced milk tea. Milk teas come in a variety of colors (ahem, we mean, flavors), and your daily cup of Joe comes delicate with a bit of bite.

Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30

Cafe, American, $$$
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Barista at Just Want Coffee
Just Want Coffee | © Just Want Coffee

With food this good looking, who needs spouses? The meals are great value-for-money, the cakes are meltingly die-worthy (especially the tiramisu), and the coffee is worth this cafe’s name. Just want coffee? This cafe’s way ahead of you.


Cafe, American
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Drinks at Shakespeare
Shakespeare | © Shakespeare

If “a man can die but once” (don’t remember your Henry IV?), then maybe it’s best to die here, with a Shakespeare milkshake. The thick, creamy, milky decadence is juxtaposed with a clean, minimalist setting, and if you add a few snacks to your afternoon break, your once-in-a-lifetime death may well be worth it.

Faculty of Caffeine

Cafe, Asian, Fusion, $$$
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Faculty of Caffeine waffle
Faculty of Caffeine Waffle | © Faculty of Caffeine Waffle

If you like rich, aromatic, complex coffees, you’ll find yourself right at home here. They have the usual run of coffee selections, plus a delectable waffle-and-ice-cream sided espresso, which may be the reason you come back again tomorrow.

Coffee Signature

Cafe, Fusion, 0
Coffee Signature
Coffee Signature | © Coffee Signature

Morning happiness comes in a cup, and if you don’t believe us, the coffee here will convince you. Earthy and rich, the aroma of perfectly roasted, ground, and distilled coffee will make you slightly dizzy, and you’ll have to re-center yourself with a croissant sandwich — best prepared with sauteed mushrooms and eggs, of course.

Meal service:

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner



Monsta Cafe

Cafe, Fusion, $$$
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Monsta Cafe latte
Monsta Cafe | © Monsta Cafe

Drop by for munchies and Monstas at this quirky kid-friendly cafe. Drinks run the full gamut of coffees and milkshakes, food runs East and West, and kids run the play area. The cafe is also open to reservations for birthdays and special occasions.