The 7 Best Capsule Hotels in Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto, Japan | © Andre Benz / Unsplash
Capsule hotels come in a range of styles and sizes, so the important thing is to find the one most suited to you. Check out this list of the best capsule hotels in Kyoto to narrow down your search.

Book and Bed Tokyo - Kyoto

Book and Bed Tokyo - Kyoto | Courtesy of Hostelworld

Book and Bed is a unique hostel that went viral on social media immediately after opening. Originating in Tokyo but now with locations all over Japan, it has become a haven for lovers of the written word. It operates as a hostel, library, shop and bar all in one. Guests sleep in small, cozy capsules located behind the very bookshelves customers come to browse. During the day, it has a bustling bookstore vibe; at night it becomes a secluded and quiet retreat. Even if you can’t spend the night, it’s a great place to cuddle up with a book and a craft beer for a few hours.

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Ninehours Kyoto

Capsule Hotel

Ninehours is another popular hostel chain that started in Tokyo. This capsule’s concept involves a futuristic design. The minimalistic sleeping pods glow with an orange light, and you can configure the provided sleep ambient system to wake you up gently in the morning. Guests receive new pajamas, slippers, towels and toothbrushes each day of their stay. Ninehours Kyoto is located within walking distance of the historic Gion district, so you can easily travel from past to future in only a few minutes’ time.

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Capsule Resort Kyoto Square

Capsule Hotel
Not your average capsule hotel - rooms are equipped with air conditioning, televisions and more. | Courtesy of

Capsule Resort Kyoto Square – true to its name – provides a more luxurious approach to the capsule lifestyle. The bedrooms come in either standard capsule sizes or incredibly roomy spaces practically the size of a small hotel room. The facilities are exquisite. They include a Sky Lounge with gorgeous city views, large Japanese-style bathing areas overflowing with amenities, and a dining area where guests can sip on free soft drinks. It’s located a short walk from Nijo Castle.

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Caphotel Kyoto

Capsule Hotel
The friendly check-in area at Caphotel is decorated with Japanese flower arrangements and fabrics. | Courtesy of

Caphotel Kyoto is a modern capsule hotel beautifully decorated with traditional Japanese details like calligraphy wall scrolls and ukiyo-e paintings. The front desk is open 24 hours, daily housekeeping is provided, and the comfortable lounge provides a television and other entertainment. It’s located near Saiin Station, which is perched roughly half way between Kyoto and Arashiyama Stations. Each destination is only a short train ride away.

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Budget Hotel
The capsule rooms at The Millennials are modern and spacious
The capsule rooms at The Millennials are modern and spacious | Courtesy of The Millennials/Hostelworld

The Millennials is a new hotel chain that bridges the community vibe of hostels and the efficiency of capsule hotels. This stylish, spacious capsule hotel offers free breakfast, an evening happy hour, roomy guest facilities and soft, comfortable mattresses – all for an affordable price. Friends can easily book adjacent pods, which are small but slightly larger than the typical capsule. Centrally located near Pontocho, an atmospheric dining area overlooking the Kamo River, The Millennials Kyoto is sure to please.

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Comics & CapsuleHotel COMICAP Kyoto

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COMICAP kyoto | Courtesy of COMICAP kyoto/Hostelworld

This atypical capsule hotel is a must-stay for anyone fond of manga. Guests practically sleep in a library; the bedrooms are decked out wall-to-wall in comic books (including many in English) so you can feel safe releasing your inner geek in this bubbly, vibrant space. Nestled right inside a shopping centre and only minutes away from Nishiki Market on foot, COMICAP Kyoto is also great for those looking to save on accommodation in order to stock up on souvenirs.

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FIRST CABIN Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo

Capsule Hotel
First Cabin's large rooms are much wider and higher than most capsule hotels. | Courtesy of

FIRST CABIN Kyoto is an impressive and high-tech capsule experience unlike most others. The first class facilities – including a bar, restaurant and lounge – provide the utmost comfort and convenience. First Cabin offers a range of room sizes, so you never have to feel claustrophobic. There are also plenty of storage options for those who have a lot of luggage. The hotel is just down the road from Kiyamachi and Teramachi shopping streets.

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