The 8 Best Airbnbs in Osaka, Japan

Dotonbori canal in Osaka, Japan.
Dotonbori canal in Osaka, Japan. | © Roland Nagy / Alamy Stock Photo
Though at first resistant to embrace this new form of accommodation, Airbnb has taken off in Japan despite the government’s best efforts. Now a flourishing enterprise, Osaka City is home to some of the most unique and stunning temporary digs suitable for any wallet. All the homes below have been approved as lodging in accordance with recent local housing law, so travelers can spend less time worrying and more enjoying what Osaka has to offer.

Spacious, private otaku paradise near Osaka Castle

Ken House
Ken House | Courtesy of 一郎/Airbnb

For those passionate about all things Japanese culture, KEN HOUSE is the place to stay. Kimono and katana decorate the roomy apartment and are available for guests to try out. Sleep in a comfortable futon and snuggle up under the kotatsu (heated table) in winter, just like the locals. Other amenities include three free rental bikes and a rooftop lounge area. Located in Tanimachi, near Osaka Castle and multiple metro stations, this area is as quaint as it is convenient.
Accommodates: 5

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Gorgeous, floral home with easy access to the bullet train

Nightingale on Plum Tree house features gold and magenta floral accents. | © Airbnb

Niho, the host of Nightingale on Plum Tree, is well loved and for good reason. She offers everything from help finding the Showa-style house to local recommendations, even providing a comprehensive restaurant guide for guests. Situated in Shin-Osaka, at the north end of the city, this spot is perfect for those using the shinkansen to travel to and/or from Osaka. It’s also on the Midosuji line on the Osaka Metro, a great gateway to all things in the city. The same owner also operates this lovely room next door.
Accommodates: 3

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Affordable and traditional tatami room house in Nishinari

Korin House is filled with many intricate details. | © Airbnb

Korin House is a two-story authentic Japanese home nestled in a residential area very near Tennoji, Tsutenkaku, and Nipponbashi. The house has a rustic, old-fashioned feel. That’s because this home was built by the host’s grandparents, and she actually grew up here. Having stood for generations, the home conveys its age in a stylish and pristine manner. Just a few minutes on foot from Tengachaya Station, it’s an appropriate base for sightseeing as well.
Accommodates: 8

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Residential and historic home with easy access to Kansai Airport

A traditional irori stove. | © Airbnb

This historic home is breathtakingly filled with Japanese aesthetics like wood accents, sliding shoji doors, and woodblock prints. The highlight is the irori floor stove, which evokes the bygone era of the Kofun Period (250-538 CE). Tengachaya is a local neighborhood, allowing you a glimpse of daily Osaka life away from tourists, but also near a train station with direct access to both touristy Namba and Kansai International Airport.
Accommodates: 12

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Whimsical Ghibli-themed room in Nagahoribashi

Totoro and friends decorate this Ghibli-inspired home.
Totoro and friends decorate this Ghibli-inspired home. | Courtesy of Woody/Airbnb

This whimsical Airbnb inspired by My Neighbor Totoro, the popular Studio Ghibli film, is sure to charm anime and cute lovers alike. Accented with green and other foresty novelties without going too over the top, guests are free to wear slippers shaped like the beloved Catbus character and use the Nintendo 64 and Apple TV. It’s conveniently located near Shinsaibashi, some of the best shopping and nightlife around, and accessible to the rest of the city and Nara. The same owner has other Totoro-themed rooms in and around Osaka.
Accommodates: 8

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Kitschy, kid-friendly apartment located in Shinsaibashi

The mix-and-match décor is sure to make almost anyone feel at home. | © Airbnb

This funky spot almost totally disregards the traditional Japanese aesthetic embraced by most of the other places on this list and goes for a more mismatched feel. The combination of Western pop art, wooden barrels as accents, and Japanese anime and koi fish paintings makes staying this artistic canvas of an apartment a memorable experience. It even comes with a massage chair! Complete with four bedrooms over two floors and high chairs and candy for kids, this place is perfect for the traveling family.
Accommodates: 9

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Cozy family lodge near Osaka’s Koreatown

Theater Room.
Theater Room | Courtesy of Yusuke/Airbnb

Treat yourself and book this massive three-story house filled with all the charm and comfort the hosts could muster. Including a projector (hooked up to Amazon TV and a Nintendo Switch), a spacious rooftop garden, handmade futons crafted in Kyoto, and an international collection of books donated by previous guests, there is a chance you won’t want to leave KARAWOTO. Located near Ikuno Koreatown, this is a fascinating area with a diverse population that is less touristy than many of the surrounding neighborhoods.
Accommodates: 11

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Stylish modern condo near Osaka Castle Park

A luxurious and convenient spot perfect for groups. | © Airbnb

Class it up and stay in this luxury condo, highly recommended for traveling families or groups. Designed by an interior decorator, this modern and spacious Airbnb fits ten people comfortably. Feel hip and local while hanging out in your home, walking distance from the famous and picturesque Osaka Castle and the surrounding park. Located in Tanimachiyonchome, this spot is also accessible to many nearby places of interest as well.
Accommodates: 10

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